Friday, April 6, 2012


I am too lazy to write tonight so I thought a few FOTOS might amuse while I get my engine started . First up was this Heart Stealer from yesterday's Daily Puppy . Daisy maybe , I do not remember the name , but boy do I remember the look . It is that look that says ' If I look Hungry it is because you forgot to feed me ' .  We were similarly won over here by white lab Lucy , who carried her girth and her dinner dish with aplomb .  BTW I have an aside about a recurring nightmare that I have . I think I have mentioned it before . I wake up in a cold sweat over again forgetting to feed a dog that died 30 years ago , my pal Wally . I am positve he must be starving by now , but as w the Doggie above  the reality was otherwise . He was always a little fat because I spoiled the hell out of him . That is why he liked me so much .

Ok , now FOTO #2 opens today's real topic which is pictures worth a thousand words . I have no doubts at all that some AP Photo editor chose this shot of PDUS Hero Bibi Netanyahu because he could paint horns on him w it . Look at the Israeli flag behind him . Ha Ha AP . What a funny joke .

BTW , Sharia in the comments pointed out the pointy nose the shadows produce on Bibi .
Ha Ha , even funnier AP .

Now lets see another MSM spin FOTS , of Trayvon Martin . You heard the NBC " apology " for sliming Zimmerman as a racist in their editing of his 911 call . They apologised to their viewers but not the man damaged . Some apology . I am so sorry you are too stupid to understand ' the greater good ' we intended w our edit .  Or maybe you heard ABC admit , hey wait there is a head injury after all in these enhanced photos ( that they earler claimed showed the opposite ) . Here is example 3 in this series . The originally widely released  of young Trayvon Martin  . He is indeed a beautiful kid , who looks like a young Denzel Washingon .

.....Only he got 6 years older , 70 pounds heavier and 6 inches taller . Suddenly he is maybe bigger than Zimmereman , and not the waif that Obama hoped to ride till NO-Vember .
Here BTW is another pose of our innocent ' hoodie ' .

Maybe all the Hormones in Big Macs are  making our innocent babies spout Tatoos and mustaches , but I doubt it .  It is more likely that the frequenly suspended Trayvon was not the innocent that the President would like you to believe that he is . PDUS will make no final judgements on this without hearing both sides of the story . Do not hold your breath waiting to hear the whole truth from the MSM and '  The Party '  tho , they have an election to win , by any and all means necessary .
That is why they only publish what they want you to see .


  1. This post is on top till Sunday night at least FOTS ,if any care to discuss it or the preceding ones , both of which are still open for business .
    This was part of two others posts pasted together from my stack of stuff , where they get constructed . You could also call this a part III of the preceding MSM criticisms , as should be obvious .

    Those of you Traveling , be safe .

  2. Look at that Netanyahu picture again FOTS .
    Notice any Shadows of the Nose ?
    They paste a great big hooked honker on him .

    AP Photo editors are such funny guys !

  3. I should probably explain that Title , as it is obscure . It is a play on a prediction from Moses Malone before an NBA finals . His prediction was about as compact and succinct as can be , if not necessarily elegant .

    His prediction ?

    Fo Fo Fo .

    Translated into MLKing's English that would be

    ' Four for Four ' .

    They lost badly , sadly .

  4. I was thinking of the Club today. Along with the Boy Scouts, who don't let girls (grrls) in. I have no problem with private clubs being exclusively for one gender. Or even one race, or nationality, or religion, or hair color even. Private clubs!! are private, for Pete's sake!

    Another diversion.

    What's become of our freedoms?

    I think maybe I don't live in "Realville" anymore, as Rush puts it. I keep thinking governments, particularly local ones, are going to do right by the citizens of their particular jurisdiction -- only to be flabbergasted at the number of times and ways that turns out to NOT be true.

    As MTVA implied of herself, I, too, am disheartened-- even despondent -- concerning this country. I no longer feel safe. I understanding the reasoning the Supremes had for ruling it was okay for a person under arrest to be strip searched because the safety of the police department is paramount (the plaintiff was wrongfully arrested then strip searched). The thing that bothers me about it was that (I've found) truly anyone can be arrested, even without realizing they've done something worthy of such! Now I'm afraid all these (too-often-less-than-) wonderful police officers will take advantage of this ruling and, in turn, strip search those under arrest for even the slightest reason.

    Something more than venting must be done, I know.

    Where did I read it? and is it true? that the Revolutionary War was supported and pushed along by only about 7% of the population of that time? I'd like to think so.

    But -- I need to live in Realville, right?

  5. OMA, Prep! Great fotos for fots upon which to focus.

    I think if Trayvon was his Highness' own he would look like picture numero trois.

    And what is it that puppy above has at her paws? Looks like a fossilized beagle head.

    msaero....when I lived in So Fla I specifically joined a women's gym bec I did not want to go to a co-ed sweat shop. If they admitted men I would have quit. Just sayin'.

  6. You can imagine msaero about how I would feel about being stripped , searched , or both .
    Prep thinks Governments are all HOAs gone mad w power . They tell you what to do and then if you did it to their specs while you pay them royally to do so . I like his big idea of the One Term Limit for every office in the Country . It would run some of the thieves out of our lives , something that harsher laws do very well .
    Just sayin .

  7. Very few folks , and even fewer FOTS will ever be arrested msaero so I do not expect oppression from ' the man ' for them . No one wants jack booted thugs pushing around citizens . I do not see that much of it presently except from a Justice Department wishing to obstruct that very thing . That CREEP John Mitchell was admirable in comparrison .

    ( I should explain for Toots that was the acronym for Committee to re- elect the President , that he headed ) .

  8. (Sharia - I find it fascinating how much you agree with Senor P. Almost as if you were his doppelganger.)

  9. "Very few folks . . . will ever be arrested ...." -- At one time I would have agreed, Preptile, but my view from mid-Missouri shows things may be different here. My nephew was supposed to appear in court for a traffic ticket on a certain day, but BEFORE THAT DATE CAME, he was arrested for not appearing ?!?

    A guy called me on my cell phone once last year, talking very elusively, insisting he needed to see me and give me something, and that he was parked in front of my house. I was at a friend's house and, among other things, I asked him if he was a process server (which I rather expected at that time about a minor deal) and he insisted he was not. When I got home, he was parked across the street and literally chased me to my front door. Looking at him through the locked storm door, I asked him about the papers in his hand, which he wouldn't show me. Finally, I closed and locked the main door. Later he came back with a police officer to tell him that I'd refused service! I was rather shaken up after being chased and lied to by this guy already. I just closed the door again. Later I found out you can be arrested for refusing service. Still shakes me up to think about it. (I worked things out with the other party WITHOUT this creepy server's intervention!)

    And the way the sheriff treated my family once years back. The sheriff and deputies came to our farm, armed with guns drawn, claiming they were looking for stolen bicycle parts?!? I wasn't there, but apparently they kept my 70+ father, my mother, sister(s?), brother(s?), and niece (I think) all under a watchful eye while they searched and found -- wait for it -- NOTHING!

    I don't trust any of them. So far, no jail time for me. May it never be for any of us.

    Of course, apparently the secret service investigated a woman who shouted out "Pretend it's Obama!" as Santorum fired at a firing range.

    PUH-leaze! The Secret Service has to investigate things like THAT??!

    Sorry. I'll get over this funk -- soon, I hope.

    I do hope everyone has a great Easter!

  10. Geez msaero, I was shaken up just reading your story.

  11. Sorry, Susan. I should avoid being "infectious" with such feelings. Perhaps it's an appropriate mood for Good Friday.


    Happy Easter, All. (Even you, Sharia -- take it from a well-meaning heart!)

  12. (And NO-vember's comin', too!)

  13. Which is why I remain optimistic aero . I expect the Epic results from 2010 again , and NO less .

    BRB , gotta run to the ATM for some Golf money ,and maybe find a snack too .

  14. Aero, the main reason people can be searched, even strip searched, is for their own protection and the protection of others that are incarcerated.

    As I have so often pointed out in other plcaes, your own personal safety and protection is your own personal responsibility. The police or government have no duty to protect you. With one exception, while you are incarcerated. If you are in police custody, then they do have the responsibilty to protect you, to keep you safe. In order to do so, they must make sure others don;t carry weapons into jail with which they could harm you.

    A few people know, some may have guessed, I work very closely with police officers now. I have a much more realistic view of their jobs and how they do those jobs than I had in all my years working in the private sector. The vast majority are good people doing a tough job.

    But I have also seen that they are human, and as such they can make mistakes. I have also seen those in other agencies that are real jerks. Treat them with respect and generally you will be respected in turn. And remember, if for some reason you are arrested and put in jail, you will want to know that others in jail with you are disarmed and don;t have weapons with which they can harm you or even kill you.

  15. Prep, I went back a couple of posts to see what has been going on, and found the comments about Rush Limbaugh. Funny that he should be brought up, and in the way it was done. Before 2009 I had never paid attention to him, even though I was sometimes accused of "parroting" him (need to go back and figure out that Birdday thing).

    Anyway, I sort of felt the same way, Limbaugh must be listening to me. Early in 2009 I finally tuned into AM radio and Limbaugh, and only because Obama had mentioned him in a whining sort of way. I just wanted to know what Obama was complaining about. Turns out that Limbaugh has been saying the same things I have been saying for years.

    One day I may call his show, and if I were to get through, I would tell him to start his show with "Ditto, Captain Sternn." Of course he sometimes puts things in ways that I would not, but he is an entertainer, and I am not.

    I also thank certain people for tempering my dialogue, being mentors. My dad early on, and more recently Tutt. Remain calm, don't assume things, don;t call people names (unless they earn it), and try not to genralize too much.

    Well, I am up later than I should be. Y'all have a goodnight, good weekend and a Hoppy Easter.

  16. You are, of course, right, Capt. I have known some fine officers.

    But on the whole, I still don't trust them completely.

    Goodnight, good weekend, and a blessed Easter to you and Tuttabella.

  17. Now you have done it Captain . I am forced to tell a true golf tale about my friend who called him . I mentioned I was shocked to hear him on my radio , and agreed w the point he made . All this was idle chatter as he waited for the #10 Green to clear at Wortham . ( This FOTS is a course CS and I play , and one day will play together ) .

    He did not notice it was his shot so I said ....

    " I don't want to RUSH you , but ' Emmett from Houston , Your'e next ' . ( Quoting you know who ) . As usual it was as underrappreciated as my everyday issue . Thank Goodness at least you guys are here or all of it would be going to waste .

  18. The vast majority of LEOs are all we could ask for . A great many are more than that . A few asshole bullys get onto the force tho , to vent their pent up rage at whatever issue and sully the solid reputations of their brothers .

    Just as cream rises , they will fall . Water will seek its own level . People too .
    They cannot do otherwise . I trust the average cop a lot more than I would a politician . Not all are grinding axes .

    BTW I played Golf w a cop for about 6 years who was a lot brighter than me and could hit the ball further too . As friends go , you could do a lot worse . I knew he was smarter by my year end betting totals . He won .

  19. I just read an article Captain Sterrn where Clarence Thomas said similar about his Grandfather , and mentor . He loved the man , who seems to have deserved it .

    BTW he was speeching at UK ( they just won their 8th NCAA BBall Championship ) , and had a great line .

    "Maybe in this type of environment, we could redistribute some of those."

  20. Here is where I read that article FOTS , enjoy...

  21. Read it! What a great guy!

    Sorry about the funk yesterday, Folks. Maybe I just needed a nap.

    Yes. I got to thinking about it, and there have been many more good LEOs whose paths have crossed my own, than "otherwise."

    I think it's the general distrust of our government that seems to be growing.

    Here's thanking all of you for your words of encouragement, edification and elucidation, and most especially to you, Preptile, for bringing us all together.

  22. Hey msaero , I kinda needed that Hug , so thank you . I had a wonderful Saturday guys , at my favorite Golf Course ( Cape Royale ) which is an hour N of town . I was losing money fast to a better player when we got to the #12 hole which has been my nemesis hole for years . All week I worried on that T shot , which I have consistently blown . Not today FOTS . Not only was this the best drive I had ever hit there , in 15 years I have never seen anyone hit a better drive on that hole . It went 310 yds into a narrow fairway . I flubbed the next shot and still saved a 4 on that par 5 for a birdy .
    Then I birdied the next hole too , to take the lead . All in all I am tickled pink and my group enjoyed the course as much as I did .

    Best Saturday in ages .

  23. Oh , BTW my normal drive on that hole is 100 yards shorter . It is usually in the woods on the right , but recently in the deep gully on the left . It is never in the middle . I played poorly thru the first 11 holes worrying about that T shot the whole time . After crushing it all the internal pressure came off and the game got easier . Tomoorrow I will return to play as a mere mortal w a Power Lunge of a swing and an inabilty to hit the ground w my own urine . I will however be able to draw the ball if a pencil and paper can be had

  24. Well, speaking of the small ball game, I'll check in on the Masters tomorrow, as usual. I love watching golf but we have to apologize for the azaleas which bloomed prematurely this year. Sorry 'bout that.

  25. Just read the article Sharia linked and am reminded how much I really enjoyed reading his autobio a couple yrs ago. His grandfather WAS tough on him. And look how great he turned out!

    Happy Easter Sunday to one and all FOTs.

  26. Congratulations on the shot, Preptile!

    And Susan, I too have wondered what is at the puppy's paws. We may never know -- but a fossilized beagle's head is . . . as good a guess . . . as . . . any . . .?

    Anyway, Happy Easter, once again!

  27. I should warn our younger readers to not trust the Chocolate left by real Bunnies this morning .
    Only eat pieces wrapped in foil .

    As to what that dog has eaten , something about those colors suggests it was possibly a Hamster or Guinea Pig . Maybe wascawy waddish wabbits or it could have been a squirrel . ( I imagine Susan reading this aloud at the Breakfast table , and avoiding the ' s ' word ) . BTW , after years of trying Waldo caught a Squirrel once . We found a wet body w no puncture wounds , like he had carried it around in his mouth all day . Pretty sure that he likked it into a massive myocardial infarction .

  28. I have a friend from Bolivia . She tells me that Guinea pigs are sold as tiny Hams on a stick there . The snack is their National ' Hotdog ' , or at least was when she was a Grrl there in the 60's . Eating pigs on Easter just seems wrong to me FOTS , but I do not eat Pork ever .
    How could Bolivians eat such cute pets ?

    She said they taste like regular tiny Hams .
    I wonder if they make Gerbil Bacon too , for the Gourmands among you . Oh , and Prep , your joke on Easter Chocolate was disgusting and you should be ashamed .

  29. He can sense when a thread is dying so he is hunched over his computer now ( really ) typing furiously on a presumed postage pundidlyump . Since he keeps grumbling it may be a while before he puts anything up .
    I can wait if he can .

    Sigh .

  30. I know you will not believe me but I was rooting for Bubba Watson to win the Masters yesterday and HE DID!

    I liked him because he and his wife just adopted a baby boy and he went to UGA, and well, gotta love a Florida boy named Bubba!

    Now maybe he can afford to get a haircut.

  31. A dead thread? Say it isn't so.

    Migraine headaches are a real pain, by the way.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Hey, let's see if your minds work phonetically:

    Did you ever hear the fairy tale titled "Ladle Rat Rotten Hut?"

  34. Are you fluent in Anguish Languish?

  35. "Ladle Rat Rotten Hut"?! -- Sounds like a possible next Disney offering. HA!

    When I visit here, the first thing I see is the dog pictured above, so I'm still pondering what is on the ground beside him / her. This is what I've come up with:

    I think maybe it's second base -- or first. That's from someone who's played many a HOME baseball game. Just a thought.

  36. I got it right away as Pig-Latinesque .
    I took 8th grade Latin and struggled w declensions of my lower bowel throughout .
    Pig Latin was easier , and popular in my neighborhood .

    I would uh , pronoun it , Little Red Riding Hood , but when I read what Toots wrote I hear clipped German more than Latin . With or without real pronouns . You don't hear Colonel Klink ?

    Oh and aero I put in 2 cents worth above w my guess on what was lunch . I still see Hamster .

  37. ....or maybe it sounds like someone from Joisy w a cold . MTVA , was that youse ?

  38. I can see little Hamsters ears and eyes in that FOTO FOTS . Just sayin . Also , in more colorful parts of the world it isnt roasted Guinea Pig that is sold on a stick . Any , and I mean any small mammal in abundace .

    Rat Raiding Hoods is a probable franchise .

  39. How it must aggravate the NYTimes , and Rockefeller readers that someone named Bubba just won THE Country Club Tournament .

    That name will sully their trophy forever .

  40. It happened FOTS .
    The new postage has finally arrived and only 13 minutes late . It could not be helped as I had to rewrite the ending .

  41. Dead thread? No way!
    As long as one comments on her own comments....

    Bubba should be John Daly's name and John Daly should be Bubba's name.

    (I stole that from Greg Gutfeld on The Five.)

  42. Those reprobates play on the PDUS Team Susan . Both won majors to Country Club consternations . That makes them our kinda guys , like Riggo .