Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Radiotherapy , Caninotherapy found therapeutic , details follow

When I was in Mrs Kuhlman's 4 th Grade class at St Matthew's , Melanie Young asked me what my father did for a living . I had a crush on her that year , as she wore the first pleated skirt I had ever seen , regally . I told her his occupation and found out some months later found out she thought that he repaired Radios . This was a logical , but incorrect assumption . I had told her he was a Radiotherapist , which these days are known as Radiation Oncologists . I am very proud of my ancient Dad , who taught and Practiced that for 25 years as a Professor at MD Anderson and Duke ,  The field has come a long way in 60 years , and radiation  most definitely can therapeutically kill cancer cells  .  My brush w the disease was in 1999 and it worked on me as I suspect it has for many of my readers . It was therapy we could believe in .

So is this other one , which is just getting started .

I ran across a story in the paper which needs a preface , so first I will explain Caninotherapy . It is Pets , FOTS , and how we should employ their limitless capacity to love . They do wonders , for instance , visiting the aged . Also , have you ever seen how a kid can be taken away from the pain of a difficult illness by a puppy's lick to the kisser ? Well I saw another way to tap that well and it is ,Puppies for Prisoners . Because Dogs cure discomfort like Radiation cooks cancer . The article I read , which I will link below , detailed some Puppy love inspiring involvement and responsibility from a kid locked into Juvie Hall . Here is his quote
"I don't see her as my friend. I see her as my daughter," he said. "She has really opened up my heart and made me a calm person." Regular readers have heard me refer to Waldo as my Son .  I have no doubt that I benefited from that Dog's companionship .  As a Black lab , it was his job to teach me about love and loyalty , and he did . 

PDUS could support working w Animal Shelters , or having them share space w Prisons so that , every cell could have a puppy or a kitten . Those pets will be treasured and protected like the family they will become . They are generators of love . How could that not help ?Here is the link ...



  1. I hope everyone reads the article Prep "linked". The picture of Alice looking skyward is awful sweet.

    My sweet old girl Dixie got me up at 3am to make a yard trip so I am awake and reading P-Dus. Red Eye is over and Dixie Girl if finally snoring again. Love to hear her dog snores.

  2. You remind me of Waldo sleeping Susan , and how calming that sight was to me . His feet would twitch in his dreams as he no doubt chased wasscawy wabbits in the waddishes at the Fudd Farm .

    I would insert myself into his dreams BTW , by calling his name , not to wake him up , but to make his tail thump while his feet twitched . ( I figured he was running towards me in his dreams , and excited about the pending visit ) .

  3. While writing this up BTW , I saw a TV segment on War Dogs , and how they were helpful in the Army . It wasn't just their companionship , but that they were literal ' watch dogs ' , who had no fear enterring caves to follow a strange scent or 3 as was often the case on Okinawa . Saw one Doberman photographed wearing Battalion Colors on his collar , like a moving Flagpole or Caped Crusader . No doubt he was a fierce warrior , and beloved companion too .

    They were considered to be Marines .
    How is that for an awesome compliment ?

  4. Yes to the above and I also softly say her name as she chases her wabbits, or more accurately, her s-words and thump thump thump goes the tail.

    She is a lean, mean, running machine in her dreams. She deserves those dreams for all the love she has given us.

    I just now heard on our local radio station that NEWT is going to be nearby in 2 hours...gott go! Report to follow!

  5. Thanks Susan . I may have something on our Newtrino in short order as well .

    I still have hope for his candidacy .

  6. Back from the Newt Rally in Woodstock, GA. He gave a good speech to the few hundreds assembled. More later

    Right now I want to express how heartbroken I am about Andrew Breitbart's death. I devoured every speech he made and interview he gave. I admired him so much. Did any of you hear the interview he gave a couple weeks ago about he and Tucker Carlson going to a dinner hosted by Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn? He was truly an "everyman".

  7. I heard a snippet of that interview , and yes this is a loss for our side . Betcha his web sites survive tho . He built something useful to the Country .

    BTW you mention Tucker Carlson . PDUS finds him under-rated as hell , and deserving of more publicity . We will try to link some of his stuff .

  8. Oh , my Newt postage fizzled , but may appear later . It was based on a lady standing on a corner w her Newt sign , waving at the cars that honked and gave her a thumbs up , as mine did . I went by her Corner , for a FOTO , but she has taken the morning off .
    She may eventually make our front page , as I intend to keep looking for her .

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  10. Thank you aero . I read both and reccomend other readers do the same .

  11. I found this part interesting .

    " You can’t normally show affection in here. You don’t give any; you don’t get any. It will be interesting to see what these dogs teach us.” This would not work in our prisons back home tho FOTS . The dogs would be eaten .

  12. It makes sense to me that a war dog could be a Marine . They are certainly more amphibious than anyone else in the platoon , and they have the required Dog Faces .

  13. I did read aero's linx also. The 2nd one was cute with the "inmate" photo, offense, and progress. The unfunny part was there were so many of them.