Monday, July 26, 2010

GroundZerostan , or Holy Landers Fund Desecration of Holy Site

Any structure costing over 100 Million Dollars would probably be the most significant islamic structure in the USA ,so we put it where ? Even the website of the Cordoba institue describes their location as AT GROUND ZERO .Cordoban desire for such an ' in your face' location to their Grand structure , a Mini Groundzero-stan , is offensive to me . They can build that palace ANYWHERE in the entire USA but lower Manhattan without any complaints at all. So they place it at the ONE location where it will cause maximum distress . 

Did you know that the terror sponsors at the ' Holy Land Foundation , once called themselves the " Occupied Land Fund " , and that they contributed $36 Million to HAMAS ?  Ever wonder how a humble mosque , with but a few worshipers could afford to built such a Grand Edifice as this proposed  $130,000,000 ' Community Center ' ?  Maybe it has something to do w HAMAS supporters like ISNA and CAIR and their connection to the , um ,Ummah . ( By the Beard of Allah, I love that gag , as proven by it's repetition ) .

Even ' Community Organizers ' like our own ' Organizer in Chief  ' would be proud to establish  such a beach head on enemy territory  ( think ACORN on Wall Street ) .

This will be as welcome as a Temple to Fallen SS officers at Auschwitz or or a Shinto Shrine to Zero Pilots at Pearl Harbor . The location is grossly inappropriate , and an insult to the survivors . One hopes the mosque would need to employ bulldozers and 18 wheelers to haul away all the pebbles tossed that direction daily as the crowd visits what amounts to OUR  ' Holy City ' . This ground IS special and selling it  away for a political concession to islam  should be criminal  . It ,of corpse , will not be , but try opening Joe's BLT next door , as THAT will be criminal . Thank you Newt Gingrich  , ( and Andrew Mccarthy ) ,for speaking out against this outrage . 

Someone had to .

Friday, July 23, 2010

Swift Boat Deal Smells , or I Dream of Deeming Me Tax Free ( REM > BM Paradigm )

No , I don't mean that John  'Lurch ' Kerry  craps in his sleep ( ew ) . More like he has  ' shifty eyed ' dreams of another way to crap on his constituency . He has done a heck of a job of that here by side stepping half a million in state taxes .His new $7,000,000 yacht has been parked in a neighboring State , at a tremendous savings .Of corpse his home state is broke and could use that additional $70,000  excise tax too , but then so could he .

In related news Charlie Rangel  may be losing a loophole or two ,taxwise ,  allowing him extraordinary privileges  over his 41 year tenure in the House . Seems his rental properties were ' offshore ' so they were tax free by his lights which are somewhat dim .Or maybe they are brighter than they appear as he has evaded Prison for a remarkable stretch which should have made him Dan Rostenkowski's (D) Illinois  ' Cell - Mate ' . He ' served ' 36 years at the public trough in the Chicago tradition  , and not nearly enough time in Prison , so perhaps that ' Bromance ' is not to be . One has hopes tho ,that the ' Honorable ' Mr  Rangel's  next ' significant other ' will have horrid breath , a foul temperament, and a demanding nature .It will make his Prison stay so much more interesting  for uh , me .

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Indonesian Justice reserved for Just Us Infidelians

I read an article this morning about the Indonesian Justice Minister's views on Jihad , and then another based  in  Banda Aceh Indonesia about a family being evicted " For their own safety" , Here is what the usual poster said about it .....

Preptile wrote:
From the article ..." they were kicked out for their own safety ".
Translation : the uber-islamics wanted them beheaded as happened to those 3 Catholic Schoolgirls after ' Crusaders  dared to invade  " Muslim Lands "  following that Tsuinami .
Indonesia makes great show of having ' Religious Freedom ' in her Constitution , but as seen above it only means ' Muslim Religious Freedom ' not to be traumitized by ' Greater Infidelty ' . Amaydyan Muslims recently had their Mosques burned there , and at least 11 died , because they were ' insufficiently islamic ' .
That does not bode well for Tourists of other Faiths .As seen above their Religious Freedom is somewhat limited .

That is exactly what our trade w Theocratic Indonesia should be as they have been turning East for decades .

Instead they get a visit from the President to reward them for ' something '. That  ' something '  is believed to be having a large muslim population that might presumably  welcome the President as one of their own .He needs a victory of some sort , and a riotous Indonesian welcome would be welcomed in the MSM .

Indonesia used to drink heavily , and could really put the ' Fun ' back in Fundamentalism 
Then unfortunately they  ' got Religion  . About a decade back the Indonesian PM was Muhammed Mahatir . He was as looney as they come ,and an open islamist as well . Not polished about it like Erdogan of Turkey , he was open about his Israeli hatred , and  his resentment of the West  who he vilified non stop as the ' Great Satan ' He was great pals w Kadafi and that ilk . Unfortunately that attitude is widespread there , even today .

Regardless of the pending Presidential visit ,  Indonesia is no friend to the West .Their next round of arresting all the ' usual suspects ' prior to the President's State visit , will be followed by their Eid pardons , as usual .

Do not miss the first minute of what is linked below , as it will prove my point .

We do not need allies like this ,  ( who BTW , also export their Proxy Jihadi Domino Teams to the Borneo region , where they hope to establish Philipinistan  ) .

Do you doubt my analysis ?  Listen to the attached video .

 Outrage from Indonesian Justice Minister

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bo goes Pro -Bone -o , " Kitchen " Cabinetry offers that poor dog none

Some of you may recall when Amy Carter gave valuable advice to her father about nuclear disarmament .
He described it as one of the most telling conversations of his Presidency , and he changed US policy on the advice of his 12 year old daughter .This began a trend of looking ' Outside the Box ' for the 'Right answer'. Judges for  instance started farming foreign customs  for US law  .

Several promotions seem to have set new standards here as answers to America's problems are sought .

The White House Chef , has  just  been given a Cabinet Position advising no doubt , upon delicious low fat nutrition . The Military Brass will object to the crowd , as the Cabinet expands . DOT  still handles the new islamic self esteem outreach Czars from Amtrack , FAA ,  Nasa  and the Coast Guard .None have full cabinet standing yet . That is rumored to be temporary tho as the government  becomes more inclusive of the
' oppressed ' and inclined to entertain their concerns .

The " Big " Promotion tho came w a Private Jet Ride to Maine , to assist in Consultations w the President as he vacations there . They will sniff each other out on the pressing issue of ..... Animal Rights , and yes this too will be a cabinet level position , along w the Joint Chiefs and Head Chefs .

This is groundbreaking tho as never before have the taxpayers sent  FIDOTUS out on a Lear jet,  ( probable cost $20,000 ) , just to do a tug of war  w  the President on this subject . When contacted by reporters  about this stunning Promotion , Bo was asked  if he would like to speak on the Honor .

He said  " Woof " .

Friday, July 16, 2010

Now available at PDUS

Finally figured out how to post images inside a post and thought you guys might enjoy the first bumper stickers to roll out from Cafe Press . This first one is guaranteed to get you pulled over in Blue States for obvious reasons .

Ok one more , and no I don't expect to sell many of these . Think it is kinda cool tho .

These will be available to the daring for a nominal fee thru my Cafe Press Store , but only if I can figure out how to place a widget linking it to the blog . Until then feel free to cut paste and print ,w my compliments .

May as well extend those to you for your fine taste in reading material too .
I would call your taste discriminating , but that is no longer considered a good thing .

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dogs who understand more than one can Understand

I caught this from AP in my morning paper and will share some snippets here.... " a dog trapped in a car on a 90-degree day in eastern Pennsylvania honked the horn until he was rescued... in the car for about an hour...'(the owner) later heard the horn honking and looked outside several times but saw nothing amiss. Finally, she went outside and saw Max sitting in the driver's seat, honking the horn....gave Max cold water to drink and wet him down ...."

Yes , the dog is fine , and of corpse , it was a ( Chocolate ) Lab.

Sometimes I feel like that Dog trapped in a hot car , politically .

My owner doesn't seem to know he is killing me .

What is a poor Doggie to do ?

What watchdogs do best .

Make a lot of noise .

Good Doggie .

Monday, July 12, 2010

You will ululate over these Useful Utensils , Uzbekis will too !

Now I know there has been criticism of charitable shipments of those Salad Spinners to Haiti w the other items listed below . The attached article tho , points out how in addition to improving food sanitation for the indigenous, that they can be useful to Medicine as well. Perhaps the AC130's airdropping all those crates of them inspired additional usages .If for instance ,one needs one's hamsters dizzy ....

Also in that airlift were the aforementioned 'Pandering ' units ,the Perfect Brownie Pans , ( which also were shipped to Africa per USAID and the UN ). Now it occurs to me that not all of you have seen their commercial ,which should explain how useful these utensils are to Tribal and other Societies .I attached a link to their site . You may want to order several of these .|af

Next on our list is yesterday's ' EZ Crackers '.

Gotta say when I first heard this product name I was thinking flat breads , Mostly Matzo types , that one could manufacture for ethnic celebrations . Wasn't really about those or those other White Crackers ( or their children ).

Now each of these has been ridiculed for their Rube Goldberg-ish inanity ,and some wonder whether more practical products might be provided to the needy . Obviously they have not watched the attached commercials .

I personally , cannot stop .

All of the above can be acquired for less than $55.00 .That pittance would only buy a few bags of Rice , when these products could save lives if one happened to need a rigged up centrifuge to help diagnose some exotic Malarial strain . Or ,OTOH ,they might just help Mom provide attractive safe meals for the family ,without all the fuss !

Such sophisticated ' big picture 'charitable assistance from our government is not without precedent . In an effort to help the fishing industry in one underdeveloped country we sent 158 laptops . When attached to sturdy poles all made reasonable waterproof paddles , but were better suited to use as Rudders . As w most laptops the common complaint was they were just too heavy .

In closing I would ask our Government to consider that for every laptop they could immeasurably enhance the lives of 16 needy people w ALL THREE of the above INCLUDING SHIPPING AND HANDLING , (if purchased in bulk quantities ) !

Nomadic Cultures lack these ' nesting ' conveniences , and other little touches of home .Now we can bring a little taste of Americana to them .Time's a wasting FOTS , we should drop a Million of these on Iranian and Saudi Arabian territory where we can help win over their ' Hearts and Minds ',via their STOMACHS .

BTW , the above , as always , contains conjecture .

Saturday, July 10, 2010

EZ Crackers and Perfect Brownie Pandering Units

I have seen another product advertised that I must have . Much like w Salad Spinners and those perfect Brownie Pans it is hard to imagine surviving my pending kitchen trauma until acquiring such uh , useful utensilage.This like the ' Easy Chopper 'made famous by Vince the Sham Wow guy , can change your whole life and the way you prepare foods ,at least as the manufacturer explains it .

It cracks eggs for you .

That can be messy business as you know , but omelettes never get made prior,unless one is cooking with one of those Faux Foods like egg beaters .(OT but ,A cook Downtown ,(Spatula Clark....I don't think that is her real name ) ,explained that cardboard w cream and sugar
makes a delicious AND nutritious cereal , or when cooked in butter w enough A-1 and Tabasco makes a passable Fake Steak .Shredded documents can make an excellent stir fry
and source of roughage too .)

Ok back to the EZ Cracker . Most uneducated crackers find the extraction of egg innards to be a frustrating and futile endeavor, as noted in that EZ Cracker Commercial . Now w this wonder of modern science , (that looks airworthy ) ,not only can one avoid all that culinary heartbreak but clean-up is a snap for all three parts ( just dis-assemble ,rinse and throw it in the Dishwasher ,how easy is that ? ). Those three parts are the separator dish attachment , the EZ cracker , and the " Egg Scrambler " too . ( First of it's kind ,that inserts a rotating probe into your egg ,and SCRAMBLES IT WITHIN THE SHELL ) . One can imagine how useful that can be , and at a very reasonable price too, plus shipping and handling of corpse .

At no other time in history has such a quantum leap in egg opening and scrambling technology been available to the TV shopping public and once again as with ' Man Landing on the Moon ' and Letterman's ultra modern Donut -o'- Pult technology , America stands tall .

I am so proud .

Thursday, July 8, 2010

NOW what ? No Women affected again ?

Last week I watched a You Tube video of a kid whose mother was in adultery trouble , Seems she is to get stoned w the mullahs behind the mosque after Friday Services , until she is dead .

Those are crickets you hear from the PDUS microphone down at NOW headquarters .

NOW ,that the Masters is over they have political laryngitis again .Altho a noble cause ,forcing a Female member into Augusta is perhaps a misplaced priority .

Wonder if they ever think of the unwilling Burka'd in Burkina Fasso for instance .Or of that aged Saudi widow being whipped for speaking to her own nephew .

Iran this week also threatens withdrawal from a girl's Soccer event in Singapore unless all the players wear ' ninja ' gear . FIFA objects , but NOW is tied up in next year's planning for the annual putsch at Augusta National .

They after all, know what is REALLY important for women .
At least for the ones that they know .

Monday, July 5, 2010

Guess who is feeling better ?

Those like me ,who are NO LONGER DRINKING SCOTCH ,will remember Lockerbie Bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmet al-Megrah ,who was released in a Trade deal last year .Were it not at the hands of an old friend , I would call it a Traitor Deal instead .Regrettably it was at best a Political insult to the USA ,and a damn shame considering our Historic Alliance against the un -civilized .

" Al"-Megrah may be well enough to serve as Parade Grand Marshall at next year's
Haj Pilgrimage to Mecca .Much like Sirhan Sirhan , The Shoe Bomber and the Shoe Thrower, Mehmet Ali Aga (who shot the Pope as ' infidel head of all Christendom )these folks are ALL heroes to the coming caliphate . Al heroes to al Jazeera no doubt , like the aforementioned child killer SAMIR KUNTAR is . What should that make islam to us ?

One doubts the One ,at times. Especially times like these .We should remember here that this bomb blew Pan Am Flight 103 to bits and gave 190 AMERICANS a 33,000 foot fall . None survived .

SS Hillary and Eric Holder both should have been tasked to demand extradition , but both are swamped w legal challenges to Arizona law ,and voiding voting rights .

We should send this martyr on to his maker.Of corpse none of our corps could qualify for the duty ,and let's face it Mitch Rapp is fictional ,and without orders anyway .

We may have to hire outside help if he dares appear in public again .

Is that guy hunting Bin Laden available ?

Going Ga Ga over Gaza ,or Yoo Hoo.... Netanyahu

Netanyahu arrives this week for his ' State Dinner II ', bearing a gift . He has modified the Blockade of Gaza .This concession allows Presidential diplomatic victory claims and a sop to our islamast allies (like recently turned and time to toss , Turkey ).
We want everyone to make nice .

Kumby -allah .

Well that outreach is great but Turkey will now break diplomatic ties to Israel ,unless they accept HER conclusions about that
' Love Boat ' that was packed w martyrs swinging lead pipes .
The sponsors all seemed to have that ' al ' important tie to theocracy .

As usual this all lead back to Iran ,and the mullahs . Their Proxy Jihadi Domino Team ,HAMAS ,(that we are presently courting), has a charter demanding Israel's destruction . Yet we make nice to them . Giving these theocrat thugs an an inch is ill advised .They will demand ' Rocketry Rights of Resistance ' and a name change from Israel to Palestine-istan too.

Yoo hoo , Netanyahu , you should just say no.
No matter how the President threatens you ,and Israel .

Inspired by Alcohol , not al Jazeera , al Quaeda , or al Shebeboppers either

Noted this week that the glossy new al Quaeda magazine is called ' Inspire '. They hope to inspire junior jihadis to murder infidels .As a proud member of greater infidelity , ( as opposed to the um , ummah ),that magazine name inspired me to write this post ,(mainly because I had already written this ' other ' post about the death penalty at another site).." One of his objections is the cruelty of the drug which ,rather inspirationally , inhibits his inspirations , curare style . Any drug ' smothering ' him so ,seems just to me ,and apropos .
He did after all strangle his victim . "

Al-rigthy-oh then ,I am ' inspired ' ( no ,not by al-chol....yet ), to mention al Jazeera ( or ,as they are known in some circles , al -jizmo ) who is ,like HAMAS ,seeking Western Credibility for the sharial .Much like the Palestinians dancing in the streets on 9 /11 they did not help their cause by throwing and televising a huge Birthday Party for that hero of the ' resistance ',Samir Kuntar who crushed the skull of a 4 year old girl when he finished killing her Daddy .Sure they sell papers to HAMASTANIANS , it is just there editorial POV is such a POS that inspirational to some or not ,prose from these HOS is not something I will seek out .

Al avoid it .