Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Devilish Choo Choo Chupacabra not served on Seoul Train ,also ,Oh are they part II

This is the astonishing alligator snapping turtle . Look at his arms  . Wanna go swimming w that ? The small variety is as popular as a water Moccasin in stock ponds and skinny dipping locations nationwide . The rumor was the only way to release their bite was to cut off their head and one must feel fortunate if they settled just for a toe .

We found something even scarier FOTS . Look carefully at the above video to see a " Dog " which eats w his hands which look like CLOVEN HOOFS . I think this creature is a missing link and like no " Dog " I have ever seen . Never heard a growl like that either . Part Monkey part Hyena like I would say about Obama ( if it weren't so  racist ) . This nocturnal night stalker was said to be a blood leach harvesting fluid not flesh from its prey . There is your vampire legend right there FOTS and in the flesh so to speak , which experts still call a dog w extreme mange . I think this couple stumbled upon a scientific goldmine BTW . A previously unknown species in North America w ghastly habits . There will be a lot of speculation over its lineage .

In other news..............

I went looking recently for a picture once seen somewhere ( PBS maybe ) of my beloved old boss , a really sweet 35 year old black guy named Albert Irving . He died in 1970 . I had worked for him five years and learned a lot from him . A google search seemed the way to go so I searched their OR photo collection taken of Michael Debakey ( Heart Surgeon , MASH creator ) who was also an employee of Baylor College of Medicine . Along w a couple Nobel Prize winners Denton Cooley worked for them too . Their 50 year spat over ownership of the first Heart assist pump was written about last week and those photos inspired my search for Albert which continues today . I had appeared in at least one Cooley write up back then myself , in Life magazine . Look at every photo in their layout . One contains my left foot  . I am so proud . I was of course just a gopher scurrying through the background , and not like these guys . I couldn't believe I could ID four faces in a 50 year old photo and w all of them modestly wearing their chadorable headgear and masks . Maybe there is hope for me identifying Sharia in her school photo yet .
That's DeBakey on the right in 7 Brown gloves and Mary his scrub nurse who I am just now realizing is Hot Lips Houlihan in Helmet Hair . She was a damn hard worker but she was not very nice . Superior , which in that room , took gumption . I thought maybe I would find Bufford the ' Pump ' tech in the background ( the Heart Lung Machine ) , or Albert my friend . Even behind the Mask I can tell that is Jimmy Howell on the left assisting . He had his own busy OR , and I did not think him affiliated w MDB . Great guy BTW , as nice as Lyle Wms  who was a God in my eyes . He was a physician who just dripped the butter of goodness off of him . Quality personnel all over that place . Howell  had a real Johnny Carson thing going , and was funny . Debakey OTOH was Frank Burns , but highly competent w impossible standards like 4 hours of sleep .  The guy behind the tent I think is an anesthesiologist named Fenstermacher ( German-Window maker )  . He has the tattoo on his forearm . Yes . That one . He must have been a boy when he got it . Arthur Keats hired him so he must have been good .

I found another photo or two in my search and these B&W prints were more my era ( Kodachrome like M*A*S*H* , came later ) . Most of our business was  vascular surgery , fixing busted pipes . This was usually done sewing DeBakey's remarkable Dacron grafts where once was an aortic arch splitting off into two femoral arteries . The fabric soaked thru w blood . It scabbed over , and skin formed around it . It became a permanent part of the body .  This solution was limited when the vessel was too far gone to sew into . Either proximal or distal anasthemosis failed ( near or far end ) , and that's when the real OR trouble started .
I was again surprised to recognize so many co-workers in a photo from so long ago , but here I recognize Ted Dietrich as the assistant and Camel Girgis as the assisting anesthesiologist . He was a Coptic Egyptian , run from his homeland by the um , ummah back in the early 60s  . I wnna call the circulating Nurse Nan , and the little mid eastern scrub tech is familiar too , but her name escapes me . I suspect George Noon was surgically assisting L , but I cannot tell for sure . Dietrich was hired away to Phoenix where he opened their Heart center . He and I shared a moment between Methodist Fondren Brown OR 3 and OR 4 . He had a heart in a bucket from the newly deceased in OR 3 , clamped across the aortic arch w an enormous Hemostat . Every time it beat it clanged its sterile stainless bucket like a clapper yelling out I am alive even external to my original body . I will never forget that moment , and Ted Dietrich won't either , wherever he is today some 50 years later .Modern Cardiac care was born there FOTS  . I consider myself fortunate to have wandered thru and seen their success . You , and the rest of the world are fortunate that they had so much of it .Your lives are longer because of them . We stand in awe and salute these veterans and dedicated physicians and all who assisted them from that day to this . They have earned our highest regards .

Saturday, April 12, 2014

' I just can't get Zaitooney outa my Head ' and our chilling New ' Mane ' Man

Big News FOTS from our crack investigative division at PDUS . We have alluded before to the Preezie being ' just super ' . We have stumbled across FOTO graphic poof . Take a look at this first which we believe was taken Pre -Op .
Barabin and his Bat Man
Now look at this which suggests a sex and race re-assignment took place  ( the Michael Jackson>Julie Andrews procedure ) , and well obviously the results are again 'just super ' . 
We think he must have gotten an injection of DNA from 
' Pajamaboy ' who works down at OFA .
At last report Barabin's mastermind criminal quarry has been Terminated . She was wanted for spending nearly a million Taxpayer Dollars after being issued Deportation orders . I had no idea 20 years of unemployment in public housing ( reserved for citizens ) , could be lived so stylishly . Aunt Zaitooney's outfit below BTW has been estimated at  two grand . 

Oh , one more item before  we go , Catherine Sebelius has resigned and her replacement has been named . She has been described as a total babe but Aunt Toony is hotter . I think this new lady looks like Lurch . Of course I mean Secretariat Kerry . 
Now tell me she doesn't look like his ' Sister '  .
Neigh I say to this  chilling new HHS nominee above , Burwells , who was Director of  ' Pain Management ' during the Government shutdown . She switched off the Panda-cam . She turned a wheel chair Brigade of aging Veterans away FROM AN OPEN SPACE ( which was allowed only to illegal aliens ) . She wanted that shut down as painful as she could manage for the Citizens on orders from President Stampy Feet . She did , so now she gets a promotion to the Big Job . Outrageous . It must be nice to be a high ranking apparatchik . Provide for the needs of The Party and The Party will see to needs of yours  , and the proletariats  too . 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Civil Rights and Wrongs

Austin Texas FOTS  home of UT , is as liberal as Madison Wisconsin  CCNY , or Berkeley . It is the epicenter of Texas liberalism . This is the city where local prosecutor Ronnie Earle made a partisan attack on Tom Delay  which lasted 5 years ( because he was effective ) for activities declared illegal sometime well after their reputed commission . ( His conviction was tossed on that technicality - Earle appealed , and lost again . )  No other city in Texas is this Blue . That made it the perfect site for  celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act .
Democrats own the Black vote these days , but were truth known they fought bitterly against the Bill's passage . Martin Luther King was at the signing of that Bill and I bet he would be proud of America's progress , ( and embarrassed as hell by President Erkel , his Majicsty ) .
The moral equivalence King Erkel grants by fiat to islam is something we wrote about before ( see below  ) . It  is a slap in the face to Civil Rights . MLK himself , as a Christian , would not have equal rights in a sharial state , so who does State  chum up w and demand reinstatement  for ( like Turkey . HAMAS , Assad  , and Qatar (including their Press wing , Al Jazeera ) ? The Muslim frigging Brotherhood that's who , ( father to 100 terror organizations and employer of Mata ' Hairy ' Huma  Weiner )

Here is that previous screed .............

Martin Luther Redux

Watching the Simpsons last week  Bart was writing on the chalkboard that Prince was not MLK's son , nor was Rodney King  . This was their writer's statement on the general ignorance of the man w students  . They may know of his dreams but little of character .  I might add that Queen Latifah was not his , oh , never mind .
Having attended Lutheran Elementary school I heard the Founder's story a few times . One can only presume that MLK's parents had heard his story too , and wished to remind folks of his legacy which was the right to protest for basic Civil Rights , regardless of one's Religious affiliations , a concept well expanded upon to include full equal rights  . The original ML helped to found Civilization as we know it , and was every bit as laudable as MLK  . Most members of the um , ummah have yet to hear of him  , and they run some 500 years late . Perhaps his message was missed in Indonesian schools too , where a certain POUTUS attended . How else to explain his affection for the um , you know who .
Slaves to fashion or a uh of one ?   They are slaves of a fashion you know ,  to the utter immorality of their their moral code which in Sharial law codifies an ingrained discrimination  . Female testimony for instance has half the value of a man's  . In an aside I have heard that in Roman times  testimony  literally meant using ones Testes for Money - or truly putting ones balls on the line ,  In sharial society every woman could offer none so her legal testimony was and is essentially worthless . Some cultural equivalence .

This FOTO from last week got me thinking what woman could possibly want to dress as a shadow , something as unobtrusive and damn near invisible as possible . My conclusion is few do , except those lacking the time for mascara and blush . Where  is there advantage in withdrawal from society ? I have heard the ludicrous assertion the look is empowering . The anonymity of EVERY adult woman dressed as Ms Pacman is empowering ? . It only empowers males and mullahs , and of course , male mullahs . ( PDUS doubts there are female ones - at least uh ,  few have ever been uh , seen ) .

I have a question . Do you remember the line from the 60's , since deemed racist , noting how difficult it was to tell Black People apart , since " they all look alike to me "  . I have to confess seeing chadorables the same way . Their own mothers could be 4 feet away and not recognize their issue . I imagine this whole hiding under a sheet thing started when one Mohammad or other did not want his Fatima wandering to the market where his rival Abdul had a stall and would stare at her . With his woman ' covered ' , a term still in use today , his inflamed jealousy need not be a worry , because he had his woman in a Mid Eastern Chastity belt built from the segregation of the sexes .  Remember Separate , but equal ?  That segregationist's goal remained just that as the reality of it never proved out . Black schools were inferior , just as Women's Rights are across the Middle East . How could one expect otherwise when sharial law grants them only a second class citizenship , because of their sex .That inequality  FOTS is where we should have started this  fight , this GWOT  , on the glory of Civil Equality instead the poor substitute offered by islamic Republics  . We know it , they know it , and neither can or will admit the obvious . There can be no equivalence where there is no universal equality . Since our Erkelesque Ennuinee  doesn't care about anyone's civil rughts but Trayvon's someone should mention the plight of Middle Eastern women .

Lets' talk about Civil Rights again Mr President after midterms and consider the right to show one's face in public . Oh wait I forgot , the left's  collaboration w political islam  prevents  spirited criticisms of the um , ummah . Too bad for their Merry , tired ,  Moors . I guess the world is doomed to never being seduced by their smiles .

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kim & Kim , also Execution Un Cool style

Young Sun Moon expedition
Kim Jong Un , heir to Golfing legend ( 38 under par and 11 aces in his first round ) Kim Jong IL was in the news this week . He had a small feud w his Uncle and  in a fit of pique , he fed him to a pack of starving dogs . They later became the formal fettuccine al Fido on the afternoon Seoul Train , so there was a bit of poetic justice and ironing involved .

Remember Kim Sr is his touching vignette in ' Team America , World Police ' So ronery he cowd cwy ' . Kim w the assistance of  Kim could be carrying a little Un if he weren't such a stiff . Luckily that is Kim's only requirement for sexual partners exclusive of wealth of corpse .
 Maybe not ronery for wrong . 

They keep trying to sell Kim Jong Il's young Un as some innocent Boy Scout . It just isn't so . But PDUS admires his resolve w enemies of the State .
This week Kim Un finished business w his Uncle's lackeys by executing another one , this time by flamethrower . ( Next week , its Sharks w lasers ) . Watch the news tho as the MSM goes into fits over ( The Great State of )Texas , tonight executing a ' Mexican National ' ( illegal alien ) . If only our illegals were as cowed as the NOKOMS are , and our laws were as respected .

Sunday, April 6, 2014

You should be tanking me

Our title of course , hearkens back to our earlier rant about Mecca needing a mechanized division .We should be ' tanking ' him . As ' Opie & Anthony ' asked recently on Sirius ' why aren't we in a revolution ' ?
I loved the caption on this artwork above which was stolen from the ' Blogfather ' ( Glen Reynolds , Instapundit ) . ' You should be thanking me ' . Such was what his Royal Ennuineeness grumbled yesterday after all three major networks turned down his request for prime time for lording the 7 million ( 20% unpaid ) ACA sign ups over us . Of course his Majicsty cancelled more than that . Additionally , many of those kids under 26 stayed on policies that he cancelled .

No Mr President the Debate over repealing this law isn't over . It is just beginning .Well talk again on November 5th . Erkel's recent ACA gloat over nothing was actually more whistling in the dark over his Bill's future . He wants to claim the law inviolate , that  it cannot be changed  ( yet he just did that very thing about 30 times ) . The midterms are gonna erase this monstrosity if we play them right . Those who would continue its funding will face the wrath of the country . Mark Pryor for instance (D) Arkansas , said he would vote for the ACA again . Bye Mark . We never liked you anyway .The current of De Nile is sweeping you away along w the ACA .

Did you hear the Preezie had a $1.5 M Hotel bill for ONE DAY in Denmark ? They must have used room service and drunk only the finest wines as he believes befits those of his standing . He deserved that bit of ' downtime ' since his unplanned Churching by il Padre canceled a planned Golf Outing ' . BTW the WH and Pope spun their meeting differently .
I believe the Pope's version .
I wish he would have golfed instead .
The same artist as in our first artwork above must have also done Moochelle Antoinette  ' Choosing the next vacation ' .  Note the flowing skirt to conceal her problem areas which we presume now resemble Hillary's in general triangularity and hail damage dispersal .
Perhaps a Tight End instead of a Wide Receiver ?
Notice also if you will how very fit Moochelle's rebounding arm is . I love how the artist honors  strong women . Aunt Esther never looked better . 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Yee Who ? Or Enemedia misses mess in own backyard and they did it on Porpoise

Most of my readers have never heard the name of California State Senator Leeland Yee . The enemedia is trying to keep it that way , as he is now an embarrassment to ' The Party ' . Yee  had previously been a (D) darling and favorite of 2nd amendment foe  Piers Morgan . So what made him so popular w Piers ?

It was his strident stand against eeevil guns .

A small problem came between Yee and CNN . They dropped him like a rock when it turned out that FBI informants connected him to bribes , gun running and drug trafficking . Not just any guns either . This guy was dealing in RPGs , machine guns , and assault rifles . He was dealing w muslim terrorists .A fine Democratic ' Statesman ' .

A word on the weapons above FOTS . These weren't Bird guns or Deer Rifles , all were top of the line Military Hardware .The Machine pistol looks to be a copy of the Mac 10 and it could empty that 50 round clip in 3 seconds .That's twice the lead of an Uzi . I do not know of a faster ( non gatling gun ) rate of fire . The RPG copies the Soviet Model which could take out a tank w its ' shaped charge ' , or a 747 as it lifted off a runway . The M-16 is familiar enough , but what of that space age bull pup rifle ? These are new weapons , w moving parts near the shoulder allowing for a shorter ( close quarters weapon ) w a longer hidden barrel . That gives punch in fps , and accuracy .That weapon was to be stolen from a Philippine shipment to anti AQ Rangers . He was probably willing to sell them back to the um , ummah too .

Yet CNN loved him for his public stance against guns .

Its the HiphopcraZ FOTS . From WZ...."The Leland Yee story would seem a festival for any reporter. Gun running with Islamic rebels with missile launchers, murder for hire and even a gangster named Shrimp Boy. Yet not so much for CNN, who ignored it like the plague. But what do I know? I’m just a blogger....When queried about the crickets on the story about the arrest of the Democratic state senator and 12 others in a massive FBI sting operation, CNN maintained that they didn’t cover state senator stories. Like “just about never”. Never apparently comes often, except in cases of alleged gun running by a Democrat."

 Let's just let Richard Gonzales of NPR explain a few of his indiscretions....
" It's a case that has stunned California's political community: A prominent Democratic lawmaker has been accused in a federal complaint of participating in an elaborate conspiracy involving guns, gangs, drugs and bribery.State Sen. Leland Yee was known as a champion of open government and gun control, but not any more. A 137-page federal affidavit accuses the lawmaker of soliciting and taking bribes from an undercover FBI agent in exchange for political favors.He's also accused of gun trafficking. Not just any guns, but automatic weapons and shoulder-fired missiles. The court documents read like a bad pulp crime novel."I've just never seen anything like this before," says Corey Cook, who teaches politics at the University of San Francisco. "It's a crime story. It struck me as something you might see on one of the shows on at 9 o'clock on a weekday!"According to the affidavit, Yee was in desperate need for cash to settle a $70,000 debt he ran up in an unsuccessful bid for San Francisco mayor three years ago, and he needed more cash to run for secretary of state.That's where one of Yee's money-men, Keith Jackson, comes in. Jackson, also named in the affidavit, introduced Yee to Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow, a convicted felon and a commanding figure in Chinatown. In recent years, Chow has claimed to have left the criminal life. He's the leader of the Ghee Kung Tong brotherhood, an above-board Chinese fraternal organization. The FBI and local law enforcement have long suspected that Chow was still involved in crime. He loved public attention. In a 2008 episode of the History Channel's Gangland series, Chow bragged about how much power he once wielded. "The world is under my feet," he said. "I have my own security. I'm not thinking I'm God, but in this city, I'm the man that call the shots." In the federal affidavit, Chow is quoted as boasting that he's still calling the shots in Chinatown's underworld. He says he approves all activity, even as far as settling disputes among gang members.Federal undercover agents penetrated Chow's organization and say they found evidence of weapons and drug trafficking, money laundering and influence peddling.And it was in the course of that investigation, the FBI says, that they stumbled upon Yee. Yee is accused of accepting more than $42,000 to provide introductions, influence legislation and for introducing an undercover FBI agent to an arms trafficker, according to an FBI affidavit that says Yee was also known as "Uncle Leland." Investigators said Yee discussed helping the agent get weapons, including shoulder-fired missiles, from a Muslim separatist group in the Philippines to help pay off his campaign debts. "It's well beyond the sadly typical scandal of a politician who's doing public favors for private gain," Cook said.Yee was arrested on Wednesday. On Thursday he announced he was dropping out of the race for Secretary of State. "

Of course none of the enemedia will cover this scandal . They can't , as it makes ' The Party ' look bad . Similar accommodations are made whenever (D) malfeasance must  be admitteded . ABC , NBC, CBS none of these could be bothered w such a ' minor story ' ( that reflected badly on the left ) . They omit that (D) , as does AP because of ' space restrictions ' , to avoid the embarrassment .

Good thing PDUS has a spotlight to shine on their perfidy .

Monday, March 31, 2014

Even brighter Fattwattages now available !

I think I figured out how to boost the bottom line at Preptile Industries FOTS . No its not just w brighter FATTWATTAGES from our Dimmer Bulbs in the Illuminations division ( or w smuggling our hot new Mexican ' El Supro ' incandescants ) . Its all in the Shipping and Handling policy . Let me explain .  Prone as the previous shipment was to spontaneous combustion , our handling charges ( disclaimers etc) have increased a little bit .

Where did I get the idea ? Of course I golfed this weekend , twice . The Preezie is a wuss in that regard , as in all the others . He does not play much at all in comparison , in quality or quantity . Anyway a Charity of some sort was set up on a longer par 3 . $5 if you could hit the Green , for a sleeve of balls and a 'free' wedge or wood ( also available to all golfers ' free ' for only $28.95 S&H )  .

That is our new S&H for our carton of incandescents  ( now w 120 W Magnesium ! ) . We think its a brighter idea that could bring our Company into the black  , w new fees . ( Like the Preezie  using the new Erkelnomic taxing mechanism of Obamacare . )
Did you guys see this dramatic video of a Houston fire last week ?

I was stunned when the trapped worker jumped from 5 to 4 and onto a short ledge . He had no choice . Same deal when he had to jump to the ladder truck which had parked too far away . Watch the tape again FOTS .  When he gets on the ladder , the wall behind him collapses . In a few short minutes the entire building does , w only a few minor injuries .

This is one very lucky guy . My long time mechanic is two doors down from this 5 alarm fire ( at Montrose and Dallas ) .  I went  to see him today , and took a few photos of the smoldering wreckage of their 4 acre 400 unit apartment complex . That it was under construction saved some lives because in that wind the fire spread very fast . This is all that is left of their complex .

Obama has requested blueprints to the Czars of the Show , for the next stimulus .

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ebolluhing , Rat and Bat-BQ related ? or Schadenfried cats , a cultural weakness ?

Sadly , I must admit joy over Nigeria complaining last week that somebody stole $20 B of their dollars .  ( Shadenfreude ) .What a taste of their own Medicine . They have inflicted the West w a parade of theft , unequaled by any other Country . I bet it was their most recent politicians who stole the keys to the Treasury . I wonder if it was that same corrupt SOB w my MasterCard password and  my substantial cash reward ..  .

Another story this week made me feel all qwerky inside . It was about a " Domestic Terrorist " in Hawaii from the most wanted list . Naturally I  was expecting one Mohammed or other or a Chin Ho or Wang Fu but this is a whitebread named Seattle and acting like it . He set off midnight pipe bombs at Shaklee Cosmetics and other places suspected of abusive experiments on animals . The FBI can't catch this guy who is heavily tattooed w radical environmentalist scenery even tho he eats vegan extreme , and won't wear animal product . Seems to me if they staked out all the local Whole Foods  and Starbucks they would have him in a week . He will be the guy in all  cotton w the canvas belt and rubber shoes who is ordering soy milk w agave sweetner   in his gluten free Latte .

Well , he will be one of them .

If this next Bat Business  weren't on the  wrong side of Africa I would suspect involvement of those Bozos from Bokko harram as the typhoid Larrys and Barrys responsible . Along w their little ' Pogrom Problem their New Age Medicine turned out to be New Bronze Age . They bring infections w their jihad because they think vaccinations are Beelzebubian trash from infidelity .

The government Tourism Ministry ( and every soul in Guinea ) , has a problem .

Ebola .

It  will kill their tourism faster than any election that empowers mullahs .The disease wastes the organs turning them to mush within about 24 hours . Mortality is over 90% so it is a modern plague . Sierra Leone , fearing contagion has closed the border ( As if that would help w a scary airborne contagion ) . Only about 100 have died so far but drastic measures have been taken to insure the public health . The popular entree ' Rat & Bat-BQ ' for instance along w the Cat-ostrophic  version is harder to find w street vendors and the seasonal Bat soup has been socked by Soup Nazis from their CDC .

The whole franchise is in jeopardy..........
Let's stop by headquarters and see whats cookin.....
Oh , and guess who else is involved.......
 I bought one of these for the gf , for Saturday nights .
Kinda scary tho

Oh , one more thing from the Bokomed ' Bronze '  ( age ) plan . Their plan to fight virus was  proactive prophylaxis which is about as modern as medicine gets . Something looks wrong about their anti viral program . I haven't figured out what it is yet .
Oh , also since its Sunday , I am throwing it the Synchronized Swimming Team from our Chocolate Laboratories............. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Audacity of Hope and Change

Think back on the Obamanation so far guys . One outrage after another after another .   I won't name them . You rode the same roller coaster of despair I did . The one thing over these years  you just have to admire about Obama and The Party is their brazen chutzpah . Unprecedented ..
Let Kobe Bryant make a ludicrous assertion that Erkel could play for the lakers and the MSM has zipped lips about the story , which . Pravda would be proud of and may be . He's special . More equal than others . Gifted . More on that in a minute .

One would think these guys would get slapped daily over their obnoxious Wienerisms . Audacious behavior warrants as much . Herewith the outrage du jour from the opposition , which the whole MSM will defend while calling Republicans racist for asking about this at all .

The IRS is refusing to honor a Congressional subpoena of Lois Lerner's emails concerning targeting of Tea Party and other conservative groups . They claim it " could take years " to sort and redact the pile and comply w the subpeona . She must write a lot of email .  Who needs separation of powers or a Constitution anyway ?  Can Congress take this stalling to the Supreme Court  and force compliance w two branches of govt taking on the Erxlecutive ?

Now presuming they have 10 lawyers complying w this subpoena , can we assume they read that slowly ? Dimmer bulbs are they ? Lesser lights ? Seriously FOTS , what does this say of hiring down at the Justice Department ? You think Holder et al favor the Affirmative Action that elected Erkel the Disastrous ?  Why would it take years to produce several hundred emails ? Answer : It wouldn't if this weren't 10x Nixon's IRS abuses . Ho- hum , just another abomination , nothing to see here .

The delay is of course a political ploy to keep negative news away from the midterms . 

PDUS objects .

Except to the expected election results if we don't screw this up . An overdue rejection of ' the Party ' is there for the taking  . We can have a veto proof Senate FOTS , and kill Obamacare w a stake thru the Heart . That will stimulate the economy more than any ' Stimulus' would . Now watch us screw it up .

Bottom line FOTS , if Erkel can play for the Lakers , and Holder can defy Congressional  subpeonas , doesn't that make you think they have different standards ? News flash FOTS . All their lives they have had . So what's the produce without standards .

Sub Standard .

The Obama Presidency .....still seeking bottom .

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dominiqa niqa niqa niqa was a LGBT Martyr ? , or Nunya Busisness

Looking like a sexy Sharia the  young  rocker below won some voice competition yesterday and everyone was stunned that she was a Nun . She had a predecessor . Both  were Martyrs to a cause , wearing their religion on their sleeve like all nuns and seriously religious mid easterners  ( and those required to dress like them by the pious ) .

Remember the ' Singing Nun ' from the 60's FOTS ? Just try to get Domininiqa , niqa , niqa from your head .In mine it is permanently affixed . Her trio of back up singers is shown here w their ' spiritual advisor ' and business manager .
What is the dang deal w their head gear anyway ( and I am speaking here to the um ummah too ) ? Does it offer some special power ? Does the religious costume make one God's special agent , even among the um , ummah ? Maybe we should outlaw hats and other costumes , ( and give every person the right to show their face in public ) .

Over the top piety without hats was stopped cold at the Empire State building recently . A muslim man was called to prayer on their observation deck . We presume his chadorable wife and kids also asssumed the position ( on all fours , pointed East , like President insane Hussein probably does ) .

PDUS supports the security guard who tossed them out . Atop a skyskraper is the last place one wants to hear a mezzusin's call to prayer or a spirited alluah ahkbar . This isn't religious freedom but religious intimidation , just as is the ninja gear . ( We never hear them in those  voice competitions  or see them Dancing w Stars  . We never see them at all  ) . This Dawan  is suing for $5M because his , ahem , Civil Rights were abused . This , as he and his family could not follow  Sharial laws commanding he fight infidelity at every opportunity . He found a whole new way to attack an Americam Icon for islam .
He is gonna do it in Court .

Her name was Jeanine Deckers , this Singing Nun . The Belgian government thought she owed 63k in Taxes on Royalties , and demanded it until her suicide along w  her lover . After she left the Nunnery she became a supporter of gay causes , because she was uh , well you get the picture . That makes her a martyr from today's most supported minority , and dead of her own hand .  PDUS predicts a major motion picture if the story leaks out of its closet .