Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Highlight of my whole year , also the Autobiography continued , or I coulda had a V8

I sold my old junker of a motorcycle to a salvage yard a few years ago . It just felt dangerous .  Sure was fun for a while but the starter broke meaning I had to take off running and jump on . From there you put it in second and let out the clutch which works like a brake while turning over the engine . Give it a little gas and your outa there . Works best on downhills . Dealing w that was bad enough but it had other problems and every time I would put it in the shop it was so long Bike for 6 months .The last straw was the oil leak at the rear seal .
The engine of course is forward of the rear wheel on a bike so that leaked oil went straight to my stability in a turn . Slippery conditions are deadly on a bike . I always hated being caught out in the rain on my mostly mid sized Motorcycles . My last few were 650ccs which outweighed me , but were maybe half the size of a big Police Harley Davidson .
 I had a 350 in college which was almost a part of me . When it was stolen I mourned for a year . The 650 probably weighed 80 pounds more which is a lot when you suddenly see that someone left a 2x4 in the middle of your curve .  For me , twisting the throttle open in a curve was the fun part and in power to weight ratios a  bike will be way faster than a Corvette , up to a point . It can also stop faster and visibility is simply unsurpassed . A slow cruise thru downtown was a weekly constitutional for me . Its a perfect way to admire architecture . One of those cruises put a four year old girl in my path . She was in the back of a parked pick up truck taking in the stunning big city views . When I rolled up next to her she lit up like I was Santa Claus himself and I woulda given everything I owned to be him for her . She  was just as excited as could be and was delighted that I smiled and waved to her . As is typical I wanted to be her Grandpa . ( In an aside when I was a kid EVERY adult talked to me as a member of their family . There were no Stranger Danger hysterics in effect . Volunteer Grandpa's for a crying child in a park today are viewed as scheming by pedophiles , and their interventions are resented . It is the Child's great loss , and a loss to those like myself who would be pleased to be of service .
I mentioned scrapping my Motorcycle above . Just scrapped my ancient Lexus too , w 250k Miles on it . Had it for 8 years , and it was dependable as hell . At 250 tho , everything felt worn and shakey in the steering , and it was needing a transmission . Had very similar Acura Legends too and one lasted for 400k before wearing out . Honda makes a good product . Both of these cars were 3.0 Liters w 24 valve V-6s . Those breath much better ( double lungs built in ) and are reasonably peppy . ( Also preppy , but that's another story ) .
My latest car , altho ancient , looks and runs great . I expect at least 100k miles from today forward , and maybe more . It was dirt cheap , because it is old . Very low mileage . It was well kept because well , when it was new , it was a $49,000 sedan . Someone changed the oil , and cared about this car . I got lucky finding it for next to nothing .  I love old luxury cars . Someone needs too .
This ' new ' car of mine ( seen above ) has 32 valves , 4.5 liters , and a V8  that brings pure acceleration unseen since I lost my motorcycles , and Detroit quit making the Muscle cars of 1969 . This morning I punched it thru a corner and was pushed back into my seat by  almost 300 Horsepower ( and Rear Wheel Dive ! ) . If you drive an eco-mobile you have 98 , maybe 134  horsepower  in a 1.8 Liter 4 cylinder and My motor will kick sand in your headlights and steal your girlfriend . Just warning you . Do not fuck w me in traffic . I have a bigger motor than you do and I am not afraid to use it . I hope it really does run , ad infinitum like an Infinity should .

BTW Infiniti is a fancy Nissan  ( its their version of a BMW 700  series just as that Lexus is a plush Toyota Camry that weighs 500 lbs more and has a bigger motor .  Same Chasis tho . The Acura Legend is a Honda Accord after steroids . I liked all three of them altho my little stick shift 4 cylinder Honda CRX  was more fun to drive  . It was a 5 speed that would give you 78 mph in 2nd gear if you were pushing it .  I usually was . Now I drive like an old man usually . I wonder how that happened .

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Czar is Born , part 18

You guys have probably heard that new Czardom is in our future . Ron Klain  .The young fellow who funded Solyndra has been chosen as the Ebolaczar . He is a lawyer and was chief of staff for Biden and the Gorical too . He probably got that job after the 2000 election where he was a top apparatchik in the Florida  recounts .  You may recall our Supreme Court slapped down Florida's Democrat legislature who wanted to steal the elelction for Gore . Klain was probably fighting that fight for the , ahem , losers  .
His other claim to fame is heavy involvement w the ' stimulus ' . That boondoggle distributed graft at record rates and regulars will remember our complaint that Blue States got nice big slices of Blueberry Pie , while Red States made doo w Cow .
The twitteratae had some fun naming better choices for ebola czar  than ' Dr ' Klain ( he has a JD ) .
First came Dr Smith
then Dr Phil ( not a real Doctor )
naturally Doctor J ( Julius Irving )
Dr Scholl of shoe insert fame
Dr Ruth

....and our favorite ,  Dr Pepper . You will never guess who will get the job after Klain . He is a a walking HCR metaphor and liable to follow the Hippocratic oath to first , do no harm . The perfect government employee . ' Dr Doolittle ' .
PDUS had another fellow in mind , but Erkel would hire every single applicant above before giving him a thought . We will be thinking of him a lot in 2016 . Especially if we are dealing w a plague .

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sub Penises subpoena Sermons , AG Abbott and even Heathens object

View from the Pup Deck
I have made no secret of my religious doubts . You will not hear me criticizing religion tho , except that one which views me and all infidelity as their mortal enemy . ( Right back atcha Mohammed ) .
Religion was a great comfort to my Mom and to  my Dad too who probably taught Sunday School for 70 years or more . Last year MTVA mentioned walking to Church to replenish inner strength after struggling w another of our endless Obamanations . Just the image gave me strength  to persevere . I think both she and Suzy are Catholic , possibly aero too .
Those demanding and offering Sanctuary are often Church related , and forgiveness oriented w both illegals and the Death convicted . I object to both of course as I also object to the blatant lefty politics preached from the pulpit of just about every Black Church . There is never a whisper of removing their tax exempt status , which sorry guys , I would do to EVERY church , synagogue , temple and mosque . Those worthy of Community support will still receive  it w or without the government . Why is a Heathen First Class dunned for their expenses ? Because the government likes them better than it likes me ? Seems unfair . Is .
Even the GF objects .
We mentioned recently that Houston's ' Mayo '  Parker has angered locals w her HERO act . That is a Human Equal Rights Ordinance of her doing , which legalizes the Transgender into whichever public bathroom they feel most comfortable , even if your kids are using it . She altered the language after the original uproar while  reassuring TGs and the confused that it would not change a thing . This inspired spirited protests from those w children and those without who are not as accommodating  to additional cultural intrusions from the Gaystapo .
 In a recent development Gregg Abbott the Texas AG may sue the Mayor for the City Attorney's Subpoena  of  Sermons and email correspondence between pastors and parishioners . What an outrage to Christian privacy that would never be used at the Mosque where it should be . This link  tells the story of what happened next . Note 500 angry comments attached . I cannot believe OFA did not hire Mayornaise ' Apparatchik ' Parker  as a Czar .
She would make a perfect  Lebanesian Ambassadress .
Alan West also wrote on this today  . He BTW is the PDUS favorite for the Cruz VP slot . I want a man in that office that understands islam . He does . Go read his link .

Oh , while Obama dawdles over this ebola outbreak some Tanzanians have taken public health seriously and taken proactive protective measures . Call it a genocidal prophylaxis . This from AFP , the French Press Agency , reporting things we never hear about like the ' Bushmeat ' factor in transmission of exotic disease . The Dateline is Dar es Salam . That translates as the House of Peace implying the Religion of .......

    " Dar es Salaam (AFP) - Seven people accused of witchcraft have been burned alive in Tanzania, police said Friday, adding they have arrested 23 people in connection with the crimes."

    "They were attacked and burnt to death by a mob of villagers who accused them of engaging in witchcraft," the police chief for the western Kigoma region which borders Burundi, Jafari Mohamed, told AFP."Five of those killed were aged over 60, while the other two were aged over 40," he added.
    Among those arrested on suspicion of carrying out the killings was the local traditional healer, or witch doctor.Relatives of those killed described horrific scenes, with the bodies of family members hacked with machetes or burned almost beyond recognition....."We are holding 23 people including local leaders in connection with the attack," Mohamed said."They will appear in court to face murder charges."Belief in witches and black magic remains strong in many parts of Tanzania. A local rights group, the Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC), has estimated as many as 500 "witches" are lynched every year, based on reports that counted some 3,000 people killed between 2005 and 2011.Many of those killed were elderly women,"....."The centre said that many local people believe that witchcraft is behind every misfortune -- from infertility and poverty to failure in business.Past attacks have included a series of bloody assaults against albinos, as well as against young children. In Tanzania, albinos are killed and dismembered because of a widespread belief that charms made from their body parts bring good fortune and prosperity"

    Pretty sure it was Zimbabwe where Albino Meat was being sold for $2200 a pound .That's more than Veal . You could order fresh in the marketplace .These FOTS are the folks Obama is swell w importing , even w active ebola . They must believe in the power of melanin that produces so many fine athletes , only they want opposite powers as attached to team owners who get the better wives and cars and lives . The White Man's Life . Maybe white meat tacos is perfectly logical if you are an African Bushman , and Michael Valentine Smith would join you at the table . I wont and in fact I don't even want you invited to our party . Your culture belongs in your country , not mine .  

    Sunday, October 12, 2014

    Fighting Fabulists , and the Obolio virus

    PDUS sends greetings to Founding FOT , MTVA . That is her Kitty above Dindy Sue . Hopefully the photo will warm her heart , and remind her that friends here are thinking of her .

    We have been steaming here at PDUS over administration refusals on chirrun's privacy grounds to admit which of 60,000 little Typhoid Barrys were shipped where . Sheryl Adkins from CBS ( who was fired for ridiculing the Movie meme and exposing Benghazi truth ) notes a probable link to the enterro virus and the new Non Polio Paralyzing Virus , the Obolio Virus . President Erkel and HSA are sure we have nothing to worry about just like that newly infected Ebola Nurse . Worrying about a new black plague is racist , as is noticing 10,000 illegal Liberians in Dallas . They are famous for their colorful dress and phlegm like International Banking Official ( Hawala ) and Nigerian Prince Lamido Sanusi ( below ) .The benefits of importing and rubbing elbows w illegal aliens fond of Khat and Bushmeat and unfamiliar w indoor plumbing are incalculable , as none have been noted .

    Online at the Chronicle last week a true believer had this to say about our Ennuinee , President Erkel .
    " At a town hall this week in Indiana, Pres. Obama brilliantly answered a loaded question about the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, and its effects on insurance premiums.When compared to a perpetual liar like President Bush, it is very refreshing to have a president who can answer tough questions with facts, reality, and honesty....."

    We replied............

    " If you like your Health Plan you can keep your Health Plan.Period ."

    " If you like your Doctor , you can keep your Doctor "

    ' Save $2500 ! '

    The signature Democratic legislation from this  Fountain of Truth  is based on three enormous lies . Each was repeated dozens if not hundreds of times , shamelessly . They knew every single time they were telling a bald face lie . I take some pride in being a bad liar . It is pretty solid if circumstantial evidence of my insufficient practice .

    Not these fabulists . What does it say of President's and VPs who can drop such whoppers as their Global Warming hysterics w practiced , offhand ease , and without a whisper of protest from our Press Corpse much less the guffaws of incredulity that these outrages deserve .
    What is the limit to over statement for P&VP ? Twelve becomes 10,000 . One hundred sixty one , becomes 161,000  . What does a digit or two matter when a point is being sold ? Most of you know of the  hysterical implications in the name ' Hysterectomy ' . Removal of the Uterus was meant to remove the Hysteria . This calmed Grandma down when her hot flashes threatened total meltdown of the family . Does Impeachment work the same way ? That is by Nature's design BTW . My buddy postulates that Menopause is designed to shoo the young uh, uns , from the nest . The survival of the species improves w independent young . They must shoo the kiddos out extra early in Southern climes , as our DACA aspirants look awfully young for months of independent International travel .  

    Oh , I found my Halloween Costume in a magazine .
    I hope it comes w a cucumber squash .
    Sharia is going as Isis from ISIS .
    She was looking at some other costumes too .
    I know this grrl FOTS . She will look at a dozen costumes and go as a Ninja . She always does.

    ....and you could probably guess the Preezie's costume would be
    Just Super . At least he thinks so .

    Thursday, October 9, 2014

    Spanky's Man uh Teeasers , and also MO brings down the 10 Condiments

    I play golf w an old black guy named Mohammed . Pretty sure he is mainstream protestant , Baptist probably . One time I wished him a ' Good Moe-nin ' and he lit up like a Christmas Tree .
     I would like to think no one ever used the gag on him before , or ' Oh , what a beautiful Moe-in ' when he sinks a putt .  Anyway these days when I hear MO I think of Michelle Obama . She was mentioned on Drudge last week as deeply despised for her ' Lets Move ' Lunchroom rules , limiting , for instance , students to one packet of ketchup . Mayonnaise requires parental counseling .
    Mrs Obama has had differences w her Kitchen Cabinet . There were rumors that the White House Pastry Chef  left in a pique when ordered to cut butter and sugar in official White House offerings .  I bet the new pastry is pasty without butter and as fluffy as a spiral notebook .
    We think this is the chef who had a bachelor party so hot the Preezie flew back from Martha's Vineyard to attend . Dunno if the uh wife attends those uh festivities  too in a gay wedding , but I bet it was fabulous fun for everyone .
    The old Cooking Staff was shown the door as hopelessly outdated , but are still believed to be cooking up the midnite waffles and such in the Obama's private quarters . Something has been packing the pounds onto Moochelle , but it may be water weight .
    Man uh , Teaser 
    Their ' comfort food ' is high calorie snack food for a fitness icon .
    Some ' help ' was needed for the first lady's  problem area ...... she has taken to wearing industrial spandex  Spanx as an underall . Even they have proven insufficient to the cause . The White House laundry , thankfully , did an outstanding job on the skid marks though .
    I suppose Kardashian fans love Mooch's uh assthma . Not PDUS .

    Sunday, October 5, 2014

    Biden Time ?

    Quick , how many funny muslims can you name ?

    C'mon , there are 1.6 Billion of them , you can name one right ?

    Yea , me neither .

    I did a search and found none , but found some guy's stand-up opening........

    Good evening gentlemen, and get out, ladies. You have no right to be having a good time.
    What do you say to a Muslim woman with two black eyes? Nothing! You told her twice already!
    How many Muslims does it take to change a light bulb. None! They sit in the dark forever and blame the Jews for it! Did you hear about the Broadway play, 'The Palestinians'? It bombed!
    What do you call a first-time offender in Saudi Arabia? Lefty!
    Did you hear about the Muslim strip club? It features full facial nudity! "
    We won't say which ones but two of the lines made us lol . We suspect the writer is a Jew .
    Dunno if you heard that after 8 years of seasoning Joe Biden is ready to challenge Hillary for the Democratic nomination . He even said something serious that insulted despicable islamist Erdogan earning PDUS admiration . He is of course the double-standard-bearer.

    Erdogan was denying assisting ISIS which he hopes will thwart the coming Kurdistan who will want reparations , oilfields and land . The sooner the better  for Kurdistan's success we think .

    He did make a major boner last week claiming a tornado killed 170,000 . We figure he was trying to look Presidential . Obama also exaggerated a tornado , stating ' that just last week one killed what , 10000 in Kansas ?The actual number was 12 killed but these science fans will just make up numbers to hyperbolize their Global warming hysteria .
    Muhammadeena , Sharia , Muhammadette , Muhammama & Millicent Islam

    Speaking of hysteriical ,  we have photos from the Mid East illustrating a new danger to hajis........
    Coming from everywhere too .

    These um , ummah  are getting so Western  these days . 
    Even metrosexual , and worse .
    This last guys must be claiming imans's priviledge  , and greeting an ex student from the madrassa .. Really makes one want to join the um , ummah , if your like gay or something .

    Friday, October 3, 2014

    E-Bowling like a Special Olympian , or battling the new Black Plague is RACIST

    Did you hear the President call the new ( Black ) Plague Ebollie  ?
    Sarah Palin or Gorge Bush would be crucified for that pronunciation or for referring to an OB/GYN as an Obie Jynie ( which we presume is related to regular Jinn like in I Dream of Jinnie .
    Years ago we ran a column about President Erkel on Leno stating that he bowled like a special Olympian . The title was maybe ' Now he bowls like a regular Olympian ' . He may be bowling the wrong lane now FOTS , w 3000 troops sent to battle Ebola , and just a few to save Iraq .
    Lately he has been the dominant E-bowler in the ' learner's group '.
    The President's E-Bowling has inspired big business at some lanes .
    Well now FOTS , Typhoid Barry may bowl us over w contagion .
    Now Throwing One Handed !
    About two months ago our now Hyperpartisan FAA declared an Israeli airport  off limits to American traffic because some HAMAS mortar rounds landed a mile away . Ours was the only Government to take this precaution and the FAA action was intended to lobby European Carriers to heed our notice , follow our lead , and
    Boycott Israeli airports . ( New rules: Joos bad , contagious Africans good ) . It was a favor to the um , ummah . Ted Cruz stopped this stunt in its tracks by demanding hearings . Now we hope he will do so again over the President's importations of the contagious and his planned legalizations for all of them .
    Last weeks columns on infectious disease noted the Enterro virus , and the new mystery paralyzing virus apparently were both born on the first day of school . The HSA at Presidential request overlooked a few details in exporting DACA aspirants to all 50 states without concern to infections percolating within .They went on airplanes without ID , and apparently we spend 266 dollars a day on their welfare , averaging $1000 in airfare costs alone . This total does not include lawyers in every state for each one to fight any deportation attempts .
    The UN , probably again at Erkel's request wants the Airports wide open in Liberia , Sierra Leone , and other Ebola hot spots . ( BTW If you haven't , read the Hot Zone , for a true story of what could and almost DID happen in DC -scary stuff ) . Did you know Dallas is a hot bed of Liberian illegal immigration . Ten thousand live there and it is believed possible that Patient #1 is here as a Medical Tourist at the invitation of his illegal alien family .  The Gates are open , and we are screwed .

    Forward FOTS , has become For War ( on Disease ) .
    Good thing our allies are leading the way .