Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Age Nuance from the Secretariat

Secretary of State JF Kerry is jetting off to the Mid East this week to twist Israeli arms , just as soon as he finishes jamming w the Maharishi for World Peace . He wowed the French last week w his display of guitar virtuosity and hopes to again impress w his repertoire of Joan Baez and PP&M anti war ballads . He winds up w either Country Joe's  Fish Cheer or John and Yoko's Give Peace a chance depending on his audience .

 Guess who will also broker peace between HAMAS and Israel . Since its the home of al Jazeera you could correctly expect some gutter of an islamaostan . By the oddest coincidence ' gutter ' is the approved pronunciation for Qatar , ( those would be the guys .) ,  friends of the Muslim Brotherhood  . Unfortunately , so is our insane administration .They remain  BFFs w the MB since Cairo 2009 .

Every move we have made elevated  HAMAS , while  shoving Israel down . As example I will offer the administration ending flights to Tel Aviv . ( Which HAMAS is touting as a huge victory for the um , ummah ). One mile from the airport for one missile was enough for Erkel's FAA to declare a hazard to US citizens , shutting down their flights . Many EU carriers followed suit , doubling the damage .Here is what Ted Cruz had to say about this ' safety ' issue ......“ If the FAA’s decision was based on airline safety, why was Israel singled out, when flights are still permitted into Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen?”PDUS knows the answer . Israel is full of Joos . Erkel doesn't like them .
At the UN War Crimes are being investigated against Israel because a few seekers of martyrdom refused Israel's warnings to evacuate  their neighborhood . HAMAS has infested Gaza Mosques storing weapons and  rockets too . Same deal w at least one PA Hospital where HAMAS big wigs meet  . Oh , and the hypocrites down at the UN had HAMAS rockets discovered at two UNRWA schools . ( They were returned to HAMAS ) whose tunnels  to Israel had explosives stored directly beneath Nursery schools , primed and ready for bloody kiddie carnage . Still the UN chides Israel for her manners .They have been doing so since 1979 at least , so the continuation is no surprise .

Inspire had a back page ad on their latest , hottest jihadi .You would almost expect a slinky blonde in the background here , and a smoldering cigar next to his snifter of Courvoissier .
 "systematically targeting Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq for extinction” 
Oh , three MB / AJ ' journalists ' just got 7 year sentences in Egypt because , according to the Judge ...."The defendants used the noble journalistic work for reasons other than its purposes, turning the profession that seeks the truth to one that falsifies the truth .They were brought together by the devil to abuse this profession and turn it into acts against the nation." .

We need this guy on our MSM . He seems to understand their franchise better than they do . AJ BTW had half their Egyptian staff quit rather than obey political commands from the Qatari home office . At trial they were condemned for their' on the spot footage ' . They would report to a specific location moments before a ' spontaneous ' attack , getting the scoop while acting as defacto Press Agents for the um , ummah .
One last photo for you guys . Kerry got a B slap from Egypt today . They  resent Erkel's support for  the Muslim Brotherhood . They treated the Secretariat like a regular schlub sending him thru a pedestrian metal detector instead of giving him the Diplomat's typical pass through .This sent a clear message that he was considered a threat to their state . He is , as is Erkel .
I bet that rod thru his neck set the thing off .

Monday, July 21, 2014

Chadorable new look for Madonna or someone who looks like her in Ninja gear

I was entertained by this evening's Entertainment Tonight . They are distraught that super couple JZ and his wife Madonna may be headed for splitsville . Both wedding rings are MIA and there have been rumors ( and not just here ) of infidelity .
They were a real power couple too .
 Mr Z is of course tycoon , perfume designer , rapper extraordinaire , and trusted adviser to our Preezie ( who wishes he was JZ ) .
At last report they text daily .
I find that deeply disturbing . Remember Michelle fuming over Erkel's fidelity last month? Beyonce's name was mentioned . So was Z . Quick wit his razor Z stabbed a man in a nightclub a few years ago , and still he is a Presidential pal . Must be the star power and he has that . Note his Gangsta Gear American flag shirt is in B&W .
Like Erkel , his whole world is .
 I did not attend the JZ and Beyonce super show this week . Featuring teams of dancers not even free tickets could have enticed me to attend  . Actual tickets started at $400 which seems a little high for Baseball stadium seats  . Premium parking ? $80  .  The fans BTW looked well fed enough to drop $500 on a BeyonZing concert without missing it . Eighteen thousand paid up . My fee would be $400 to attend , plus tip .
We noticed something odd about Mrs Z's outfit for the concert . Headgear must be in .
The Muslim Brother Hoodie 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kiddie Kaboodle off to Absconderoga

I miss our old friend Truth Will Win . She prep-posed an old Ponderosa favorite of ours , The tune was of course Bonanza ....Pundidly pundidly pundidly pundidly um thing . I sometimes sing this to myself on the Golf course since its such a catchy tune .
A little aside on Hoss here . I had a man crush on him at 10 and knew he would be be a good friend to have . He seemed to like kids too . I figured he would loan me one of Paw's horses for a ride around the property , and make sure Hop Sing kept me fed and bedded down in the bunkhouse .
 Did you know that half our detainees now are families w their children ? Obama has granted all de chirruns Attorney's in Minneapolis or Detroit or wherever their extended families already abscond . ( 'To leave quickly and secretly and hide oneself, often to avoid arrest or prosecution.' ) . ( Fat chance of that ) .  All are being flown off to the Absconderoga of their choice , and on your dime .
Recent refugee relocations have boosted daily costs to $1000 per man woman or , ahem , unaccompanied child .  They do not require  ID or TSA Screenings either before jetting around and even Congressmen cannot inspect Government facilities .  Cameras are not allowed , and the press only  gets what HSA approves . Oh , none are being sent to states w vulnerable D's running in the midterms ''.

Here is how it got laid out at Ace's place ...............

 ' We Don't Need New Immigration Laws, We Need Someone to "Faithfully Execute" The Existing Ones '


The Center For Immigration Studies has released a report analyzing the 2008 anti-human trafficking law that Obama is using as an excuse to admit tens of thousands of minors ( and their relatives ) into the United States. According to their reading of the law the Obama administration is misapplying the law to these illegal aliens. " The Government wont say where they are shipping these families . Despite the attention it has received, by its own terms, the "William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Re authorization Act of 2008" — a law aimed, in part, at "unaccompanied alien children" who are victims of trafficking — may have little applicability to the current situation on the border: It appears that a significant majority of children coming across are not "unaccompanied alien children" according to the definition found in federal law. Federal law defines an "unaccompanied alien child" as an illegal alien under the age of 18 who is without "a parent or legal guardian in the United States". Data from government agencies suggest that the overwhelming majority of minors arriving on the U.S. border have family in the United States.

There is little evidence to suggest that the recent arrivals are victims of trafficking, which involves coercion. Instead, families and their children are willing participants in smuggling operations, having paid smugglers to bring them into the United States. As ICE explains, "Human trafficking and human smuggling are distinct criminal activities, and the terms are not interchangeable."....The argument is basically these kids aren't being "trafficked" which has a specific meaning which does not include "trying to get to America to live with family or friends". Since these kids aren't being "trafficked" according to the 2008 law's definition, they should not be able to use the permissive program designed to protect children who are actually victims of a criminal act.

This again shows why amnesty opponents are so adamant in any deal that includes near instant legalization for future promises of security or enforcement. Democrats and amnesty favoring Republicans are simply untrustworthy.....Even if the GOP can force this change through, why would anyone think Obama will care and enforce it? .....Keep this in mind when Marco Rubio and others who supported the Senate's amnesty bill tell you how super serious they are about this stuff. They either got rolled by Obama or are willing accomplices. Neither is a good look. "

We agree .

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mars Bars Muslims or should

Some years back we wrote about Eid al aha celebrants in Moscow . Apartment neighbors complained when Camels were slaughtered in the vestibule in preparation  for their festivities . We imagine they made quite a mess . ( Ask for a slice of the hump if you go  .
Its extra juicy ).
Dunno if ya'll heard about the newest ' Anal Fatwa ' . This ruling allows homosexual anal sex between lonely jihadis . Posssible sanctions remain on the ' catcher ' ( who in the Arab world is the only homosexual in the transaction ) , but not  the Pitcher . ( We know Erkel does not thusly  qualify , since he throws like your baby sister did at age 4 )
The President hosted his annual Ramadan dinner this week , and locally so did my Mayor . Both welcomed the MB supporting CAIR probably so as not to publicly side w Israel , as both should have . Neither has balls . We made an 11 B dollar deal last week w Bahrain too , who also support the brethren .
Most intriguing news from the Middle East tho is the news that the UAE plans a Mars mission .  the space Race in on .

Fattwattage is presumed allowing for ' Space Wives ' to accompany Allah's planetary Crusaders for islam .
I was kicking this around w my brother who foresees theological dilemmas deciding which head should be removed from offending space creatures , or proper stoning techniques in lower gravity environments where a sub orbital miss might cause mischief near the air locks .
 Notice the Ninja look here FOTS ? It's Muslim Brotherhoodian .
We've seen Camels in space from George Lucas of course but I like the sultry covered look .

Look out world their not just about the Moon anymore . I think I even saw one of their vehicles parked over at NASA near the Muslim Self Esteem Branch ( back behind the gigantic Global Warming advocacy wing  ) .  That's where there used to be a Saturn 5  back when they did spaceflight .  They don't really do that anymore .
They just hitchhike .

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

AG Holder's FBI reluctant to investigate AG Holder's IRS , or who's driving this Fiat ?

Eidster Bunny

I can remember in sixth grade when Eisenhower was President the teachers at my Parochial school spoke w absolute reverence about the independence of the Press and how each reporter had sworn duty to report the who what when and where and why ASAP and without political embellishment . I am sure it was there then too FOTS as it is today , the temptation of that sexy invective that is the inferior in every cheap way to understatement .
 ( Still dished out here at historically low prices )

' Have you no shame ' was  from I think the Keffauver HUAAC meetings  . Remember that guy insulting McCarthy ( over things  proven true when the former USSR released the Venona papers ) . His were the words we remember as classics of compassion and understanding , of great Statesmanship . They established the moral superiority of the left while also defending indefensible  treasons . The way it was portrayed like that in the lefty press set the stage for more outrages like the Civilized world granting moral equivalence to the Sharial . Sure its gracious and conciliatory but  Baby and Bathwater both go out the window . Principles ( like Equal Civil Rights ) become pretty empty words . The ever acquiescent  Press by cheapening these words , made them worthless . Its been downhill since Mcarthy  w the Press who pile it higher still w less shame than Trud or Pravda  had way back when the USSR sold their own version of Truth .
Saw something about Katherine Englebrecht today who has STILL not been visited by the FBI re her abuse complaints . Eighteen visits from Federal Agency's she got after requesting a 5013C Tax Exemption . 

How dare the slut bat R and not throw like a girl !

A special prosecutor for this abuse of power is overdue .

OK I am just now getting down to the point of this post .  There is another Cancer in our Country .

Twenty Seven % of Government employees are Republican . How many do you figure work for Eric Holder ? The most brazenly partisan administration in my lifetime has cleaned House and made Agency employees into the very tentacles of Government overreach . A lot of people went on the 18 Government raids to True the Vote . Every one of them witnessed a crime . Not one will say so .

Benghazi  was plain cover up .. Remember last month when Erkel was bragging about taking down the Coffee Shop Terror Mastermind . He crowed about being hot on the case when CNN had this guy's phone number for YEARS   Fact is FBI did not even  investigate the burned Embassy for a MONTH . In that time it was unsecured , but , it reflected badly on The Party if they were attacked too , so they just gave up the safe , the codes , and the intelligence as a political favor for friends and employers  . American Security and Justice be damned  . They would investigate a cold site after the election . By then it was too late for bad results to affect it . BTW I doubt Holder will demand the death penalty for Ambassador Stevens . .Its rascist and he his driving this fiat . 

We guess there is no integrity left in the left .
They were once revered too , even by me .

Monday, July 14, 2014

Making the most impressive ceiling since the Sistine Chapel into a floor

There is a headline up at the Chronicle explaining that the NFL and Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo ( which is locally a very big deal ) have a new Plan for the Astrodome  , They want to tear it down , and charge us $66 M for the favor they request of us .  This sounded an awful lot like their last re-development plan for the Dome which also began w a bonfire .
The name is still the Harris County Domed Stadium . The Rodeo and the Texans are just long term renters paying the County the princely sum of $1 a year for their accommodations .

 Last year the NFL wanted a big Parking Garage for their 10 games a year , if not outright destruction  for the Dome . Supposedly a Super Bowl was offered to sweeten the Deal . The Mayor jumped on the deal like she would  an Éclair but the voters told her to sit down and shut up .  This was years overdue . Sportswriter Ed Fowler noted that Astrodome has ' the finest ceiling this side of the Sistine Chapel ' . He is right . It would be a damned shame to turn it into a floor . Other ideas have been floated besides a Casino . We would welcome them . Houston Botanical Gardens could become  what would be the world's largest greenhouse if the Mayor had not decided it belongs on the oldest Golf Course West of the Mississippi .  ( The Golf Cart made its first appearance there ) .

 Others suggested ' Space Center Houston ' should move its cheesy second rate crap in there .  The only idea w a prayer , ( presuming it was not Chock full of Vitamins and Ministers  ) , would be a Wedding Chapel Honeymoon Hotel and LGBT World Headquarters .  You can bet your ass Mayor Wide Ass would fight like Joan of Ark for that ,  and ride that Horse to Death as we presume she does w most Parade Mounts . Others suspect that when she said she could eat a Horse it was literal truth .

None of these three animals has been seen alive since these photographs were taken . Sure our evidence , tho compelling , is circumstantial . Nevertheless we rest our case on those thighs and her obvious cruelty to animals . The woman must be stopped . Its for the Horses .Would you trust her w Wortham's  fetching Show Pony We wouldn't eiher .
3 Bald Eagles & Pony threatened by  un Worthy Mayo

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Terrible times for those terrible twos

Last week the President declined a Border visit because he did not , harumph , do photo ops . Clearly he sees himself as a man of substance , and action . Shortly afterwards in Colorado he was offered a toke on a doobie while playing pool w suspected Democrats . ( All the official ones fled the state upon his arrival  ) .
 He was also seen consulting w the Secretariat fresh off his recent triumph serenading the Chinese and enthralling them w his guitar virtuosity . We are pretty sure that's who the photo is but lets face it , that could be Sarah Jessica Parker , or even Mr Ed , uh , instead . ( The Horse of course ) .
 As we saw it the Chronicle had a fleeting excuse on our recent shorter refugees and gettes  fleeing violence . We saw it quoted online and the gist was that as usual , Bush was at fault . He apparently signed a wet foot Bill , authorizing liberal overreach . They get to hide behind a fig leaf of  ' enforcement ' too.
Here is the Chron quote ..."The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime says Honduras is now the most violent country in the world with 90.4 murders per 100,000 residents. El Salvador ranks fourth, with 41.22 murders per 100,000 and Guatemala fifth with 39.9 murders per 100,000." So lets put them on a bus and send them to our safe cities ? Quoting our FBI statistics: Murder rates per 100,000 in the US; Detroit 54, New Orleans 53, Baltimore 35.'
Oh , Sheldon Adelson , Warren Buffet and Bill Gates three of the world's richest men  , are in the NYT urging Amnesty today . They claim Republican recalcitrance borders insanity ( so does their Border plan )...' it’s time for the House to draft and pass a bill that reflects both our country’s humanity and its self-interest," ....

It's Humanity ?"  As opposed to what our Chimpagenes ?
I bet those tormented toddlers are tossing and turning  thru their entire nap times over the possibility that they may become that unlucky one in the Honduran murder statistics . Some may eventually cry themselves to sleep only to awaken grumpy . Oh , the humanity .
Moms are packing knapsacks as we speak w WC Juice Boxes and Cheerios for their tyke's 45 day hitchhike North . ( What greater love , and w astronomical Social Security returns on investment from their little ballistic anchors after reunification's ) . The poor little dears are probably terrified w their neighborhood violence which is almost as bad as our own . And many travel w only Uncle Mannie's number . Sometimes its a Wong Number . I  just can't buy the administrations claims that ( no kidding ) the Border is more secure than ever . Something is  fishy when deportations last for years and neither Congressmen nor members of the Press can visit the facilities that we are funding .Czars of the Show , ( as has our petulant  President Stampy Feet ) ruled against .  He sequesters park water fountains , closes the open  National Mall to WWII veterans ( while opening it to protesting illegal aliens ) and thinks he is getting away w such outrages ?

He will have another think coming in 116 Days .

Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's for de chirruns !

For years governance has sucked the teat of America dry unimpeded  . Now we hope the snake finally swallows its own tail and sees what an asshole he is and why everybody hates him  .Let me set this up a little .Texas is under a children's invasion and it looks engineered . The government was advertising for Juvenile Travel Guides in January which means their plan predated that . Audacious and ambitious as hell its a big picture strategy . FOTS it is Republicans against Toddlers . Even if we win we lose .
This sets the debate for the mid terms by throwing out every other issue . Its us , the poor people , eating the rich , by Erkel's lights , and quite a reasonable reformation of the country .
King Erkel the !st has opened our borders and 60,000 have arrived .  300,000 more are coming at a sprint w tens of Millions behind them . Forget the adults coming , some w real families of their own  . No let's just discuss de chirruns , and how much their care and feeding will be . As it turns out , quite a lot if you include amnesty for 30 M or more , who have never and will never balance their tax / benefit ledger .The initial expense was a $300 a plane ticket . A return to their country could be had for the same price if tickets were bought in bulk . That deprived them of Government Lawyers politically hired or appointed tho , and teachers and Nurses too . Jobs Jobs Jobs , and promoting the Party ! Just like the IRS , HHS , this new leviathan  is a political  industry , another teat .
Pictures omitted for modesty's sake .

This FOTS is the Grand Strategy . The Dems saw the dilemma approaching a year ago w truly dismal polling numbers . They needed a BIG issue and are running on Compassion in hopes of firing up their Hispanic voters , ( vast majorities of whom know damn well that they are illegal ) . Force them to vote D or lose amnesty for the lot of them , ( and boy are there a lot of them ) .

If no price is too great for a child how do Republicans sleep at night becomes his theme . The man has no shame . This isn't about all the world's children , but our own .The question being asked is how much is a child worth .

If you say Priceless you lose .

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Obama Oratory now Don Knottsian

We mention recently in the comments that our old friend the Teleprompter forced Obama to admit the truth about employment . Here is the quote ....“ It’s hard sometimes to just get by, our businesses have created jobs for 51 consecutive months, 9.4 new jobs in all. " The truth at last . WTG TP , another Mothership triumph ! ( That .4 of a job is two days a week ). Erkel got quite a bit of flack for his Friday whine last week that had the less than inspirational timbre of a Don Knotts or Sam Kinison . He just didn't sound Presidential but like the Erkelesque Ennuinee  and part Peeweenie that he is , w just a hint of Artie Ziff thrown in .
We found some recent pictures guys , of the Pope and of President Erkel . He looks loaded as hell . I suspect he was meeting the Pope over Dope winding up as they did at 7-11 mainlining Cherry Slurpees . Maybe theological issues like gay marriage were discussed and Joan River's excommunication .

BTW this photo of Mooch lends credence to those Rivers assertions  Just sayin . WH gender confusion is perfectly understandable .
This month's public piety at the White House centers around the RDDDD of course which I believe is scheduled after the current ISIS interfaith outreach concludes . Its right after Eid or IED , I can never remember which .
The decorations at the White House have been going up for weeks now . It just seems we celebrate Holy Days earlier each year . These Christmas lights at the WH garage are premature in July .
 Notice all the crotch salutes here FOTS ? Something to hide perhaps , or play with ?
The guest list was more diverse for this year's ( the Ding Dongs are saved for Desert ) Dinner ranging from International Banking Governors like Lamido Sanusi and his escort , Mrs Anthony Weiner.....
Mata Hairy Huma
to newer arrivals lining up to sample the Bat BQ........
I think they are serving Goat too , or Cabrito as our South and Central Americans call it .
Also old favorites from Erkel's Indonesian Kitchen like the fettuccine al FIDO , German Shepherds Pie , Terrieraki , and Chicken Poodle Soup . 
They are following msaero's Occupied Piper North by the tens of thousands .  It will be another great party for The Party and were gonna pay for it . Again .