Sunday, August 31, 2014

A dark day for Journalism

 An era is ending FOTS . Another Journalist is stepping away from the spotlight . No , not the retiring Diane Sawyer or Babwa Wawa either .The face of NBC's storied News Division is stepping away from her 26k a minute job , to spend more time w her family . Her meteoric rise to the top of her Profession has puzzled many but remains undeniable fact . Only Brian Williams at NBC made more money than this NBC Super Starlet Newsbabe ( eat your heart out Megyn  Kellly ) , who came into TV News without a minute's experience . ( A little aside here ....Uncertain of Megyn Kelly's name spelling I googled her up for accuracy's sake . Google called her a " Television Actor " which is of course somewhat of a demotion for the most popular News Anchor in the Country ) . 
 When I was a kid Chet Huntley and David Brinkley were the dominant newsmen on TV . Edward R Murrow was bigger on Radio but he was a little before my time . These were serious and respected men . Icons of Journalism . NBC was the prestige News channel at the time . They were the reason .
Their power passed to beloved Uncle Walter Cronkite at CBS who in turn bequeathed his chair to Dan Rathers and less who apparently passed the Basketball to Chelsea ' Duty ' Clinton Mezvinsky . Her historic sit down interview w the Geico Lizard showed that boy's club this Grrl could play .
 We believe her real Dad is of course ' Howdy ' whose son and Chelsea's step brother , was Ted Koppel .
 There were rumors though , that she may have actually  been fathered by the mysterious ' Don K ' who is thought to have been Hillary's Dance partner at a Laredo Bar . Could be either  man . We just Dunno . Obviously the lovely Chelsea has a strong resemblance to both .

Oh we ran across this photo which looks so much like Hillary we think it is a candid shot snapped around the House by Mata ' Hairy ' Huma or by the legendary Newsbabe , Chelsea herself . Hillary may not always wear her wig there at home , or anything else either for that manner so Chelsea better not let Husband Mark see her . He could run away screaming and wind up dating more women than Bill , or ripping his eyes out . Who could blame him ?

Friday, August 29, 2014

Remembering just who did what to whom on 9-11

Robin William's reputation was attacked last week by an islamist objecting to his " racist " ridicule of the chadorable . Too late to fatwa him to death so they will smear his memory . Ad libbing one night he borrowed a scarf from an audience member and used it along w his ' help me ' shtick mimicking Jeff Goldblum's line from ' The Fly ' . The clip was shown on the Emmys . Try as we might we see no Race being mocked by Wms above . Only fashion , or more accurately , Islamo Fascism . Williams was spot on . These ladies do need our help . They are being oppressed .
I ran across a gaggle of Grrls on the westside yesterday , who appeared to be of the um , ummah . I make that presumption as all were dressed Ninja style in that chadorable headgear they wear to threaten infidelity and to protect innocent muslim brothers from their hair raising
' Hair Rays ' . Those render males into sexually driven slaves of passion supposedly . Its the outfit we find disturbing on jihadettes  like we see on the above young woman . That BTW is Dzokhar Tsarnaev's sister dressed like her jihadi Mommy as she is arraigned for making a bomb threat last week . The whole family is ' da bomb ' uhsquad . Usually those kids blow up so fast unless they want others to do the hard part for them . She was already in trouble for non cooperation in a counterfeiting investigation , as was the family for Welfare fraud and other indiscretions .

Saw a young woman dressed  like the above at Wal Mart yesterday , and was very surprised by a warm smile , that , lets face it , is hardly ever seen coming from females of the um , ummah .  Maybe their eyes are smiling , but usually you can't see much of their face . Perhaps these always shy women are warned against interacting w greater infidelity . Very few seem to do so . I think this young lady may have found me handsome in a non threatening ' older man ' kind of way . She was flirting . If her parents knew they would probably beat her half to death to remove the indelible stain on the family .
Maidens in Mittens  
Oh , one more thing before I go . A storage unit was robbed on that increasingly islamic West side of town yesterday . Video of the Purps was offered up in hopes of a few leads , and PDUS has a theory . More than 10 Firearms , including AR-15's were stolen . They showed empty boxes which were pristine leading us to suspect the owner was a small time firearms dealer . One wonders whether he ' just happens ' to be a muslim because we are betting one of the thieves was . It could be an ' inside job ' illegally transferring weapons thru insurance fraud . The thieves  get-up was a Rockets Cap and an unusual Soccer Shirt that caught our eye .
Do you see lots of shirts celebrating Qatar ?

After the ' Canonization '
We have ranted about them recently .They are the other Erdogans in the neighborhood , excusing every outrage of their UnCivilized . Last week Egypt announced additional Charges against Qatari Al Jazeera reporters who colluded w their Muslim Brotherhood bosses in passing secret Government papers back to islamist Qatar .

The President in his Press conference last week was at a loss to explain US policy regarding ISIS , which SOA / SOB Nidal Hussein desires to join .Their caliphate would welcome him as a hero even tho that minor Major failed to martyr as he mass murdered . PDUS has stumbled across the perfect strategy at Ace of Spades . Its in their masthead .
We like the idea , and believe it overdue .

Monday, August 25, 2014

Reign of Terror from Cellfie's rain of Errors

We had a cheery thought today about the muslim Call to prayer . Prayer is required 5 times a day and if this call is answered tens or even hundreds of millions of times a day , as is claimed , a great many of these men pictured above have just had their heads farted upon . It probably happens more than 100,000 times a day . I'll bet that is an impediment to their reverie . There oughta be a Fatwa against this and there probably is .
Eid , or .....
PDUS would have loved a photo of the Preezie praying InDoh'nesia , as we were certain he did so on all fours as seen above , in prostration to the all mighty . He probably repeated the Arabic on his Wedding ring about there being no God but you know who .......
Yesterday's column noted the President's deep sorrow over the James Foley beheading and his determination to ' stay the course ' by which he meant stay on the Golf Course . His depression over the brutal murder has apparently abated . Here he is celebrating a good putt w a cellfie . He tweeted it to the Foley family w the Hashtag #PlayingaroundforJimFoley . Hopefully he will be tweetin for the other beheaded too as there are many more than the #bringbackourgrrls 300 .
AQ translates as ' the Base ' and CAIR is as embarrassed by their basic blood thirsty barbarians  as RINOs are of Tea Partiers , ( and the rest of us are about Preezie Pewee / Erkel )  .They are all so crude , and , ahem , uncivilized .That is the point , of corpse . CAIR and other islamofascist organizations ( for which we at PDUS do not care ) , have this week spoken out against Jihad John's ( the Rapper ) beheading of Jim Foley . It might have finally occurred to them that public relations are harmed by gleeful islamist beheadings , and they had best object to them in public . They can always send in a Zakhat payment later to support jihad and they will .
It just wasn't kosher as beheadings go , and islam wrote the book on them .  ( I bet a bunch were beheaded when islam massacred 250 M Hindus ) . Those ' Beatle ' beheading types aren't real muslims it seems , by their lights .  No this one was ' different ' somehow from the real muslims found in the thousands of unaligned Militia's , 
who all  align towards Mecca at Sunset .

LET , AQIM, IS , ISIL , ISIS , Islamic State,Islamic Jihad  , JI , al Nusra , al Qaeda, Taliban , Hamas, Hezbollah , PFLP , Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Abu Sayef , Ansar al-Shariah , al aqsa Martyr's Brigade , or Muslim Brotherhood – all these Islamists and a thousand more Domino Teamsters are our avowed enemies and all of them are the same threat which we refuse to name . These um , ummah are in effect all speaking as the same person demanding Islamic supremacy in law and culture .That includes death for aposty and mohareb ( the rejection or denial of islam ) . Everywhere they rule , women are forced into chadorable black Ninja gear yet the press swims de Nile , and spelunks sand as they did claiming there were no AQ in Libya  ( yea sure , and what difference did it make anyway ? ) .  No matter what they call themselves these are all just swell kids who love Nutella like your kids do but want to keeell them .

The Taliban are ' the Students '  of the Koran . Hezbollah is ' the Army of God ' . IS is ' the Islamic State '. The brand is clearly stated and we in fits of PC Coombyallahism are refusing to admit that islam is a serious threat to our way of life . It was serious enough for the Foley family . Today FOTS , would be a great day for you to read Falachi ( again ) . Do it before it is too late . Send it to your friends too .
' The Rage and the Pride '


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Beheading to the Golf Course in 8 minutes

 Our team of crack reporters has been following the President this week . Yesterday we got the real reason he left his vacation to return to Washington . The Kitchen Cabinet has a wedding pending and there was a bachelor party the Preezie promised to attend . We think it is the WH Pastry Chef who quit when Mooch demanded less butter and sugar . We also thought this guy was gay . PDUS has never been invited to a gay bachelor party , but I bet its a monthly deal w the Erkels . No doubt a wonderful time was had by all , but our reporter stepped out back to take a leak and could not return or report .
Erkel is playing Golf w his new Body Man Alonzo Mourning at Martha's vineyard this week . They are pictured below sharing a fist Bump over Erkel's first ever Florida Par . 
 A second Tee shot was awarded to the President on the challenging 124 yard par 3 after some rude players who had no business playing at the Bushwood Country Club laughed at his swing .
The President held a Press conference to express his outrage over the Jim Foley beheading . He promised Holder's FBI would be on the case after they finish investigating the IRS targeting conservatives and the Ben Gazzara movie madness .

Eight minutes after expressing his deep concerns to the Nation the President arrived at the Golf Course  so we expect he was wearing his spikes the whole time . That's remarkable efficiency from the Preezie to uh , be headin there that fast .
Genuine concern was shown by the Pope BTW , who called the extremely Catholic family . He has seen the light about jihad and is demanding an armed response to continued slaughter . Sounds righteous to me . Even heathens see the sense in it .

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Preezie who wishes he was JZ struggles against JV , or Russia plays Chess , Islam plays DOMINOES while we play w our genitals

Just a few observations from the Pup Deck this mornin FOTS . American High Schoolers  know that the JV or Junior Varsity team is one step above the Water Boy when sports are being discussed . It's full of underweight and undersized 9th Graders who really are not ready to play w the Big Boys ( like Erkel ) . They are mostly wannabees , and spectators of the real game .The same could of course be said of this administration . Ours are the not ready for Prime Time Players , and our waifs are playing All Pros for World Domination . Specifically , the proxy jihadi Domino Teamsters known this week as ' The Islamic State ' . Last wek they were ISIL then ISIS . Next week they will just be Al Qaeda and their chadorables .
The Left finds distinctions without differences between unaligned islamic militias . We will remind readers that the lot of them ( and boy , are there a lot of them ) , align themselves toward Mecca at Sunset . The Left of course demanded there were no AQ in Iraq , and set off to save the Middle East ( " which is itself a problem  that has plagued the area for centuries " -BHO ) . PDUS  insists there isn't a penny's difference between any of them , and all islamists are in this jihad thing together .
Their ' few bad Apples ' can and will start WWIII  w the jihad support of the entire frigging Orchard of 1.5 Billion . One of those ' bad apples ' beheaded photo journalist Jim Foley last week . The Brits believe he is a released prisoner from GITMO , and we would not be surprised . Probably part of Erkel's Grand Bargain , of 5 Killer Terrorists for a Deserter . It wasn't such a Grand Idea , or Bargain either .
Hey at least people got laid in the Bargain .
The Rest of us just got screwed .

Monday, August 18, 2014

The sorry state of State and of the Union

We ran across a couple headlines on Drudge today , illustrative of the sorry state of the Press . In one a reporter at the Ferguson riots confuses foam earplugs with Rubber Bullets . The other was even more egregious  . Remember when everything was released on George Zimmerman but the GPS coordinates ? Our betters have seen fit to tattle again , w the address AND A MAP to the home of the cop who shot the latest Teen Angel , the 6'4" 300 lb Michael Brown .

Rush made a good point that the Cop may not have known about the shoplifting / ' strong arm robbery ' , but the kid most certainly did . All he really did was shove a waifish clerk , and threaten to do so again , until that his , his confrontation w the Cop .  At that point in the Police car , he got hold of the Officer's weapon . For a 300 lb man , that is taking candy from a Baby . He knew even if the Cop didn't , that  ' it ' was about to hit the fan , and that he was going to jail . This is how I see it .  The kid escapes the cop but thinks his brawn can still win this battle ( as it always had before ) . The Cop knows he is right , and he had been properly taught that when you are in fear of your life , you shoot to kill . Not to wound .To kill . Sure , shot for shoplifting is harsh . Problem is assaulting a Cop is not shoplifting .
CNN . The most trusted name in Newborns 
 Our State Department has been pedaling hard for Global Warming FOTS . This partially thanks to crack reporting from the MSM that we illustrate w the above photo . The Hornets aren't really gigantic it turns out ( did this look like an old Enquirer headline or what )? Their staff Geographer was apparently off for the day , unless tectonic shifts have been even worse than feared by the Gorical . At the direction of our President SS JF Kerry has been singing the GW tune to our Asian allies .
We understand he also does the Songs of the Humpbacked Whales .
From WZ ..." Secretary of State John Kerry is wrapping up a five-day trip through Asia and the Pacific by focusing on climate change.On Saturday, Kerry met with leaders in Burma. He then joined Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel for meetings in Australia on Monday.Today, he flew to the Solomon Islands to meet government leaders......When Kerry met with Solomon Islands Prime Minister Gordon Lilo, the focus was on the environment."
Compare and Contrast 
“But more importantly, we have $25 million in Asia Pacific climate change adaptation. We have another $25 million in mitigation programs. I know it’s of great concern to you. And in addition to that, we have huge historical ties that we respect enormously,” Kerry continued.

Glad to see the administration remains focused on the big issues like Riots , Ukraine and Ebola . Guess why Erkel took a break from his Cape Cod vacation ? He was stroking weenies in the C of  C and Hi tech industries who want H1B visas in return for their Amnesty support . Yea that's a BIG priority for the Country .

We found some photos of Kerry's predecessor at State...............
Is Mata ' Hairy ' heavy here ?
Tea Leoni as Madam's Secretary
As laughable as Kerry's  Dimplomacy was , he has far outshone Hillary ( who cannot sing ) . Benghazi stained her tenure as did the Russian ' Re-set ' ( which if memory serves , translated as a sexual slur ) . An in kind contribution to the DNC has been made by CBS who has cast a hot mamma as Hillary Clinton , our noble public servant . From the ads you could tell her account was fictionalized , another ' West Wing written by lefties for lefties .  I will never see an episode of this one either . It's too transparently a big favor to The Party .

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rubber Chicken , Lemon Soup , and Bush anecdotes for 38k ? Dunno about that . Will I need to tip my waiter $5000 or look like a piker ?

I was watching the President last week as he castigated St Louis ( Ferguesson ) police for not being compassionate and understanding enough while arresting a robbery suspect . Michael Brown is of course the new Saint Skittles ( as Trayvon Martin was nicknamed ) .
Trayvon was of course not the 12 year old waif the media sold wholesale . He was instead a street tough much larger at 6'2 , and far fitter than George Zimmerman . Reports have him somewhat short of Angelic even tho the MSM paints him so .  He showed up at school for instance , w pockets full of Jewelry  that he found .
Same MSM mischaracterization  is true in this latest case . Our  MSM " teenager " is 6'4" and 300 pounds . The convenience store clerk was a starved looking Cambodian immigrant type , an  Erkelesque  and waifish  5'6" and 130 lbs . I don't blame him for retreating and calling the Police .
As it turns out this wasn't an innocent kid , but a strong arm robber , who had just pushed around and threatened  this clerk while stealing $50 worth of Swisher Sweet Cigars . We presume he was also the perp who struggled inside a Police car as he tried to get the officer's handgun . Swell kid we are sure , even if he was ready to kill a cop so he could get away w felony theft . For this we get 4 nights of Riots ?

Erkel of course also interfered when that Diversity Trainer Cop ( that the President said " acted stupidly " ) , offended , heh , scholar , Professor ' Skip ' Gates of Beer Summit fame .  He is a friend of the President's who won local infamy claiming infamous rappers 2 Live Crew were  the " cultural equivalent of Shakespeare  " .

That of course did not say much for the Culture .
Something struck me as I watched the Preezie  preening and pontificating about ' black Justice ' which was doubled w Eric Holder playing the same tune . What struck me as odd was our Pencil necked geek's similarity , again , to Don Knotts . We had a column a few weeks back noting how his voice was ' Don Knottsian ' , and liable to crack like antique China . I am a medium sized guy w a 34 inch waist , and wear a 15.5 neck , and 32 inch sleeves . Erkel couldn't possibly have more than a 12.5 inch collar size , if his Adam's Apple isn't factored in .Watching his Adam's Apple Bobcat Goldwaith up and down in pitch and key it occurred to me his neck was skinnier than Knotts . This photo we found BTW sure points to a family resemblance w our old pal ' liver spots ' Arafat . Al Jazeera dropped their claims to his Polonium poisoning when it turned out after half life calculations that his dose was 15,000 kg . We wonder where they put it all .

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The right to Life , and to Death , or Suicide , still the sincerest form of self criticism

*Have you guys seen the last picture of Robin Williams ? That's it above , and we believe it is a Howler Monkey that was named for him at the San Fransisco Zoo . Looks like the Monkey on his back we all knew was there .  I have known about four suicides . I miss all of them . My  Chess buddy  Joe hung himself . His sister gave me two of his books  when he died  , something on  Hunter Thompson ( who ate a 12 gauge for Breakfast ) , and ' Searching for Bobby Fisher '. After his divorce he became a serious alcoholic who would go to work Downtown totally smashed every morning . Drunk was the only way life was tolerable to him unless he was scuba diving . I ran across a picture last week that made me think of him.
That is a whale shark on this guys truck , headed to market . The highlight to Joe's life was a close encounter w a 50 footer , who swam w him for about 20 minutes . ( They are gentle giants , and  no threat to humans ) . Underwater Joe suffered no earthly concerns . I am the same way on the Golf Course , where I can worry about nothing but my next putt .

Another of my peripheral friends shot himself thru the heart w a 45 . He was a pot smuggler by trade and probably died in 1968 when his GF broke up w him . A very clever guy he hollowed out a flatbed trailer and hauled it back and forth across the border filled w pounds of pot . The GF objected , and he believed he could not live without her . The family , and his friends were devastated . I include myself .
He really was a very sweet guy , and dead at 21 .
One of my pals in High School had his Mom commit suicide , after numerous attempts . She was a divorced single mother of three , w the youngest about 8 or 9 . I was worried sick over ' Keelie ' , who was too young to go it alone , as her siblings did . I still worry about her , even tho she must be 55 by now . She was the victim of her mom's misery .

I worked for another suicide , a Doctor . He was one of the funniest men I ever met and harbored an enormous sadness inside , hidden away .  He died of overdose as did Keelie's mom . I went to his memorial service stoned , as it was the only way I could deal w my own small loss . Put him in the Coffee Bar at work , and he was on stage doing the stand up he had probably perfected at 12 . The man was a joy to work with , but divorced his home life was empty . She took the kids . He took the drugs .

Williams was serious enough about wanting out of his conundrum , to arrange an escape .Every one of the above planned the same . There is a scene in the movie The Hours  where Nicole Kidman recreates Virginia Woolfe's suicide . She fills her pockets w rocks and walks into a river .

The director makes it clear her's is a calm lucid choice .

I think every man should have the right  to make that choice . Think of the terminal patient in constant pain . Shouldn't he have the choice to turn that pain off ? All the above did .

Yes I know suicide is usually a permanent solution to a temporary problem .All the suicide sees is the solution .
Who am I to deny him that ?

Monday, August 11, 2014

The differnce between Sharial law and Civil ? Civilization .

The above Photo was a Google search , as most of my photos are . It's a young Falachi , before she grew into apparently Anne Bancroft . What we found at Google searching Falachi made our whole weekend . You will remember this from our sidebar . Since few read Arabic it says
' We will not submit ' .  Call it our badge of ' Rage and Pride '.

Here is proud infidelity for you and we are proud as punch this is linked on a Falachi search page . As it turned out this site had 5 linked images on that site . What an honor to be associated w that great warrior for Western Civilization . I feel like we earned an HRH endorsemement like Prince Charles gave to 'Royal Lyme ' , or maybe a   ' by appointment to ' Joan of Arc . Sweep me through the Gates of Vienna .  We did not have room for our preferred  subtitle above  ...' or Getting Stoned after Friday Prayers may not mean what you think it does '  . Today's argument for carpet bombing ISIS wherever they are found follows below ............
The wacky islamists are at it again . It's a good day to read a little Falachi . Syrian locals were offended when ' Foreign Fighters ' from Saudi Arabia and Tunisia ( proxy jihadi Domino Teamsters ) executed two women for adultery last week . I bet the Tunisians were members of the 'moderate' Enhada party that AP so favored . ( After 6 articles we were shocked to learn that moderate was not actually part of their name ) . They have since proven otherwise . These BTW , are John McCain's trusted secular allies . Here is the lead paragraph from today's Chronicle and the AP .
" BEIRUT (AP) — A cleric read the verdict before the truck came and dumped a large pile of stones near the municipal garden. Jihadi fighters then brought in the woman, clad head to toe in black, and put her in a small hole in the ground. When residents gathered, the fighters told them to carry out the sentence: Stoning to death for the alleged adulteress.None in the crowd stepped forward, said a witness to the event in a northern Syrian city. So the jihadi fighters, mostly foreign extremists, did it themselves, pelting Faddah Ahmad with stones until her body was dragged away."Even when she was hit with stones she did not scream or move," said an opposition activist who said he witnessed the stoning near the football stadium and the Bajaa garden in the city of Raqqa, the main Syrian stronghold of the Islamic State group.The July 18 stoning was the second in a span of 24 hours. A day earlier, 26-year-old Shamseh Abdullah was killed in a similar way in the nearby town of Tabqa by Islamic State fighters. Both were accused of having sex outside marriage.The killings were the first of their kind in rebel-held northern Syria, where jihadis from the Islamic State group have seized large swaths of territory, terrorizing residents with their strict interpretation of Islamic law, including beheadings and cutting off the hands of thieves. The jihadis recently tied a 14-year-old boy to a cross-like structure and left him for several hours in the scorching summer sun before bringing him down -- punishment for not fasting during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan."

NOW , will object later , maybe , w a scathing hashtag .

In related news I’m beginning to feel like Erdogan doesn’t like Jews.
Via Daily Beast:
Turkey’s prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has some advice for his strongest supporters in the U.S. Congress: If you don’t like the rise of anti-Semitism that has accompanied Israel’s latest war, then you should pressure Israel to stop killing Palestinians.An August 5 letter written by one of Erdogan’s top advisers on behalf of the prime minister and obtained by The Daily Beast disputes accusations that his recent statements about Jews and Israel were anti-Semitic. Those statements include an assertion on July 19 that Israel’s actions in Gaza “surpassed what Hitler did to them.” A few days earlier, a top newspaper in Turkey affiliated with Erdogan called on Turkish Jews to apologize for the actions of Israel’s military in Gaza.“Each Israeli attack undermines the peace and tranquility of Jews living all around the world and turns them into targets of hate speech,” wrote Volkan Bozkir, a former Turkish ambassador to the European Union and now an Erdogan adviser and legislator who serves as the chairman of the Turkey-USA Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Caucus and the Turkish parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee. He added: “We would therefore recommend that you, instead of trying to silence the legitimate criticisms towards Israel, call on and pressure the Israeli government to put an end to its policies of occupation and destruction. This would be the best and the strongest response to anti-Semitism.”
Our invasion of Turks has ended BTW w zero readers where there were Hundreds last week . All the fun stopped late Friday , after prayers and we wonder whether Fatwattage  is involved . Westerners wonder just what the um , ummah pray for .
There are rumors....

Friday, August 8, 2014

Two Pickles One Tomato also Weiners for Queens

Anthony Weiner was in the news this week . He is opening a Restaurant in Queens  . Weiners . Everybody loves Weiners . Supposedly . Perhaps at least they do in his circle of friends and jerks . Weiners do of course  have one world famous aficionado . He has reportedly finished off more Hot Dogs than Nathan's Coney Island gobbler Joey Chestnut .
Clint or shiftless ?
The Chronicle has a story up this morning about an online predator . They have disabled comments about this young man , ( breaking our heart ) who hoped to inspire 3 way sex w an underage girl AND HER FATHER . ( This qualifies him for the two pickles one tomato list serve ) . We immediately thought of other uh , members and Anthony Weiner's  desire for group sex w Mata ' Hairy ' Huma......
We know how this worked out , and have even published the photographic proof......
Mata ' Hairy ' of course lived w Bill and Hill for years while lobbying them both hard for the um , ummah . She was raised in the Muslim Brother and Sisterhood , with BOTH parents involved in Party leadership . That's the reason we named her Mata ' Hairy ' , believing as we do that she has far outdone the original Matahari as temptress provocateur . Plus we like the image our adjective inspires .
Having bedded a sitting President and his future President wife she holds blackmail powers over both w salacious details over de tail she dished out to them , AND of course w the DNA DYNAMITE from their ' Little Crooked Willie '.  ( a nickname lifted from a deposition describing Bill's Peyronies syndrome , which tilted his equipage L ) . 
Oh , We saw a picture of Chelsea (the new Face of NBC News).

 Its either her or a young Debbie Wasserman Schultz , who as you know we believe is a  step sister if not indeed the same person .
Chelsea is PG of course and another recent photo of her gave us paws .
It was her and her hubby Marc Mezvinski ( whose Dad just left Club Fed ) .  Mezvinski  was the one in the Mom Jeans which when combined w recent divorce rumors made us worry over the solidity of her marriage .
This last pick is someone's photo shopped version of what is pending in her pregnancy . You can tell it is photo shopped because neither she or her mom is as hideous as usual . I can imagine Chelsea w Erkel BTW . He would have that big shit eating grin for the whole world sayin ' yea baby I scored ' when in truth it was Chelsea who got lucky . The President , part Erkel , part Pee Wee would be about the best she could ever hope to uh , do .